Message from the Office of Academic Affairs

Faculty Diversity Leaders and Committee

The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to systemically building and maintaining a culture of inclusive excellence that values and embraces diverse faculty. Such dedication includes aligning our efforts through the university's strategic plan, evaluating our progress annually and adjusting our efforts to meet the needs of our changing campus. Through evaluation we are dedicated to ongoing enhancement of our mission and efforts.

We are committed to recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and supporting the scholarly efforts of faculty. Diversity and inclusion are essential to Old Dominion University's strength as an institution of higher learning. We strive to create a climate of innovation, creativity and collaboration across disciplines and cross culturally. We welcome the voices, experiences and cultural diversity our faculty bring to campus and the classroom. Our university thrives off the free and open exchange of ideas in a culture of mutual respect.


"We pride ourselves on inclusive excellence, as it is the fabric of our campus."

The mission of Academic Affairs is to further embrace the diversity of our faculty and maintain an inclusive environment which helps our faculty thrive in scholarship, teaching and community engagement. It is our belief that when our faculty thrive it propels our students into a higher level of learning. We pride ourselves on inclusive excellence, as it is the fabric of our campus. We believe these efforts will assist our university in meeting the needs of a rapidly changing world and our success depends upon the robust exchange of ideas across cultures.

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