Report a Concern

It is the duty of all University employees to be aware of the potential for fraud and to duly report any cases of suspected fraud or misuse of University property or funds.

Internal Audit follows up on all reports including those made anonymously. Information is kept confidential to the extent possible and as required by law. Employees who make a good faith report of suspected fraud, waste, or abuse are protected by state law and the University Whistleblower Retaliation Policy.

All allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse are treated seriously and reviewed to the extent feasible by the quality of the information provided and evidence available.

      Individuals are encouraged to use the following avenues to report concerns.

      University Audit Department

      • Chief Audit Executive's Phone: 757-683-6898

      • Chief Audit Executive's Email:

      Fraud is intentional deception by false representation or concealment which could result in a tangible or intangible benefit to the perpetrators, or cause detriment to the Commonwealth or University.

      • Theft of funds or any university asset

      • Forging, falsifying or altering documents including but not limited to checks, time and leave records, effort reports, travel expense reports, contracts, purchase orders, and electronic records.

      • Authorizing or receiving payment for goods not received or services not performed.

      • Misappropriation of funds, supplies, equipment or any other University assets.

      Waste is intentional or unintentional mismanagement or squandering of resources to the detriment or potential detriment of the Commonwealth or University.

      • Unnecessary spending of funds, consumption or mismanagment of resources to purchase goods or services with no business purpose or benefit to the Commonwealth or University.

      Abuse arises from excessive or improper usage and may be in the forms of intentional destruction, misapplication, mistreatment or misuse of Commonwealth resources, or extravagant exercise of authority.

      • Use of University resources for non-business purposes.

      • Willful damage to Commonwealth or University assets.

      • Inappropriate use of one's position or authority.

      • Failure to complete submit leave when absent from work.

      • Use of a state vehicle for non-state business.

      For more information see University Policy 3003 Detection, Investigation and Reporting of Fraud and Misuse of University Property/Funds.