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ODU Faculty Research Mentors 2022



Research Interest

Bayse, Craig

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Molecular modeling of protein structure, mechanism, and function
Bender, Trandon Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic synthesis and organometallic chemistry

Braitman, Abby L.


Experimental psychology, quantitative Methods

Gaff, Holly

Biological Sciences

Ecology and epidemiology of ticks and tick-borne diseases

Gauthier, David

Biological Sciences

Aquatic animal disease

Greene, Lesley

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Protein biochemistry, bioinformatics

Hatcher, Patrick Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic geochemistry

He, Jing

Computer Science

Protein bioinformatics

Henson, Matt


Alcohol intervention

Heron, Kristin


Health behavior, behavior change interventions

Holder, Alvin

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bioinorganic and transition metal chemistry: anti-cancer, Alzheimer's, anti-diabetes, and antibacterial studies, etc.

Hynes, Wayne Biological Sciences Infectious disease agents and mechanisms of disease, and tick-borne diseases
Jayarathna, Sampath Computer Science Neuro-information retrieval, data science, human-computer interaction, eye tracking, and digital library

Kelley, Michelle


Substance abuse etiology and treatment

Kraj, Piotr

Biological Sciences

Cancer immunology and genomics and proteomics

Lambert, Kyle Chemistry and Biochemistry
Synthetic organic Chemistry, natural product total synthesis

Lau Barraco, Cathy


Substance abuse in emerging adulthood

Lee, James

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry, biochemistry, bioenergetics

Muratori, Claudia Bioelectrics Cancer treatment by electro-immuno-stimulation, and antimicrobial effects of ultra-short electric pulses
Purcell, Erin Chemistry and Biochemistry Signal transduction, bacterial antibiotic resistance, and nucleotide second messengers

Ranjan, Desh

Computer Science

Bioinformatics & computational biology

Shollenberger, Lisa

Biological Sciences

Immunology, vaccinology, parasitology, infectious diseases

Sun, Jiangwen

Computer Science

Machine learning approaches for the study of human disease

Wang, Guijun Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic synthesis, bioorganic chemistry
Zhang, Pengwei Biological Sciences Virology, host-pathogen interactions, infectious diseases

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