Tutoring Partners Task Force

The Tutoring Partners Task Force discusses, coordinates, and evaluates efforts related to formalized tutoring services for students at Old Dominion University with the common goals of supporting student learning in the classroom, improving students' academic performance in challenging courses, and increasing student retention. The task force consists of faculty and staff members on campus who oversee individualized and group tutoring services for undergraduate courses offered at Old Dominion. The task force leader reports to the Executive Director for the Office of Academic Success Initiatives and Support in Academic Affairs.

Members College Department or Office
Marissa Jimenez
Diana Hernandez, EdD
Academic Success Center, Academic Success Initiatives and Support (Team Leader)
Megan Mize, PhD
Elle Tyson
ePortfolio Studio, Academic Success Initiatives and Support
Morgan Morrison ODU Online (Distance Learning)
Marissa Pettinelli
Connie Merriman, PhD
Strome College of Business
Austin Jersild, PhD History Department, College of Arts & Letters
Betty Rose Facer Language Learning Center, College of Arts & Letters
Andrea Stephen
Joshua Wallach, PhD
Math & Science Resource Center, College of Sciences
Przemyslaw Bogacki, PhD Math & Stat Lab/Department, College of Sciences
Rachel Nelson ODU Athletics
Annette Guzman-Smith Physics Learning Center, College of Sciences
Emily Hardy, PhD Chemistry Success Center
Passion Studivant
Faith Williams
Emily Harmon
TRiO Student Support Services
Megan Boeshart Writing Center, College of Arts & Letters
Lisa Moser Electrical & Computer Engineering, Batten College of Engineering & Technology
Sebastian Bawab, PhD
Kaleab Fetahi
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


  • Promote increased communication among tutoring service partners regarding best practices, challenges, and innovative solutions related to tutoring undergraduate students at ODU
  • Coordinate marketing efforts for print and digital/web materials promoting tutoring services at ODU Strategize to develop support measures for student populations with unique needs, such as online learners, higher education center students, athletes, and students registered with the Office of Educational Accessibility Advocate for resources based on student needs
  • Develop common elements in how ODU tutoring data is collected and evaluated, and make use of assessment data to inform best practices related to tutoring
  • Cultivate best practices related to recruitment, selection, training, supervision, and evaluation of tutors

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