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Supported Courses

ACCT 201

BIOL 250 FR 202F MATH 102M PHIL 120P
ACCT 202 BIOL 251 GER 101F MATH 103M PHIL/REL 150
ACCT 226 BNAL 206 GER 102F MATH 162M PHIL/REL 155
ACCT 227 BNAL 306 GER 201F MATH 163 PHIL 230E
ACCT 301 CS 361 GER 202F MATH 166 PHIL 270P
ACCT 302 ECON 201S HIST 100H MATH 200 PHYS 111N
ACCT 305 ECON 202S HIST 102H MATH 205 PHYS 112N
ACCT 306 ECON 301 HIST 103H MATH 211 PSYC 316
ACCT 311 ENGN 150 HIST 104H MATH 212 PSYCH 317
BIOL 121N FIN 323 HIST 105H MATH 307 SPAN 101F
BIOL 123N FIN 432 ITAL 101F MATH 312 SPAN 121F
BIOL 136N FIN 435 ITAL 102F MATH 316 SPAN 201F
BIOL 138N FR 101F ITAL 201F MBA 600 SPAN 202F
BIOL 240 FR 102F ITAL 202F MBA 606 SPAN 221F
BIOL 241 FR 201F MATH 101M PHIL 110P STAT 130M


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The Office of Academic Success Initiatives and Support (formerly the Center for High Impact Practices) announced a new resource for students,

The Tutoring Partners Task Force, comprised of faculty and administrators who represent the tutoring centers on campus selected courses to support through this tool. These courses were chosen based on previous tutoring usage, student need, and faculty requests.

What is provides free, high-quality, online learning services to institutions across the country. ODU will be using to give students access to live, online tutoring available 24/7. Students enrolled in the supported courses can connect to from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Access to is available now through Canvas.

For questions about, please contact Marissa Jimenez at or Diana Hernandez at


Who are Tutors? tutors go through a rigorous vetting process. First and foremost, tutors must have a bachelor's degree; 60% of the 3,000+ tutors also have an advanced degree. To qualify as a tutor, each applicant endures a multi-step qualification process:

  • Tutors must pass a timed, subject exam. This exam lasts about 3 hours depending on the subject. Of the 150,000+ applicants sees a year, less than 10% pass this step.
  • Tutors must demonstrate via mock sessions that they do indeed have the subject matter expertise and that they possess the skills to tutor. During the mock sessions, evaluators at assess communication, writing, and technology capabilities.
  • completes a seven-year background check validating educational credentials and any criminal convictions. Of those remaining, only 81% pass this step. If hired as tutors, additional background checks occur every six months while employed.
  • Once hired, tutors enter a 30 - 60-day probationary period where their sessions with real students are evaluated daily. Tutors are evaluated informally by their mentors on a monthly basis and formally every 90 days.