About Us

Our Mission

The Teacher in Residence program at Old Dominion University in partnership with Norfolk and Newport News Public Schools intentionally recruits, prepares, supports, and retains teachers who are committed to the ideals of increasing academic achievement and engagement with culturally relevant principles.

Our Vision

Using a clinically rich model to create a viable pipeline of highly trained teachers and promote 21st century teaching strategies in the development of teachers as professional educators, leaders, and critically engaged citizens.

Our Values

  • Academic Achievement - We are committed to the academic achievement of the teacher residents and the students they will serve. Thus, we promote the use of evidence based and high quality teaching practices and strategies to intentionally yield academic achievement and promote academic success across constituencies.
  • Equity and Access - We uncover educational inequity at the individual, local, state, national, and global levels to work towards a more accessible society.
  • Collective Empowerment - We purposefully promote the building of cultural competence of teachers and students so that together teachers and students can serve alongside each other to foster academic inquiry and engagement, confront social injustice, and increase academic achievement while simultaneously building democratic citizenship.

*Our program is built upon the foundation of the culturally relevant pedagogy conceptual framework (Ladson-Billings, 2000)