How to Register

If you are unable to use LEO Online to register for any reason:

Complete the Add/Drop/Withdraw formand submit it to the Office of the Registrar for processing. Allow one business day for processing, then check your registration in LEO OnlineBanner Registration to verify that you have been registered.

Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

  1. Go to and click on Enter LEO Online News and Secure Area (or enter LEO Online via the University's portal at

    You can also view our course offerings at

  2. Enter your MIDAS ID and password to authenticate via Monarch-Key Web Login. If you need assistance with your MIDAS ID and password, please see the MIDAS & Monarch-Key website.

    NOTE: You cannot use your UIN or SSN to log in to LEO Online.

  3. Select Admissions, Registration, Student Records, Graduation Information.

  4. Select Registration.

  5. Select Banner Registration.

  6. Select Prepare for Registration.

  7. Select the term for which you are registering.

  8. Your time ticket will display. (Time tickets are ONLY required during pre-registration and are NOT required during open registration). This feature also shows the campus to which you are assigned (important if you are attempting to register for online classes), and any registration overrides you have been given by faculty.

  9. Use the Browse for Classes feature to find open classes.

  10. Use the Register-Add/Drop/Withdraw to search for and add classes to your worksheet/plan or register for the classes. Or, enter course reference numbers directly in the Enter CRNs tab (use this if you have a closed-class override).

  11. Check the Notifications (top right of the screen) for registration errors.

  12. Submit your registration.

If you are not able to complete registration for any course reference number, the system will display the reason. If you contact an instructor for registration overrides, this information is required so the correct overrides can be assigned for you.

Common Registration Errors

Find out what they mean and how to correct them.

Special Education Requirements

Find out what they mean and how to correct them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your registration questions.

Printing or Emailing Your Schedule

  1. In Banner Registration, click Register for Classes.

  2. Select the term and click Continue

  3. Click on the Schedule and Options tab.

  4. Click on the Email icon to send a copy to yourself or others if you wish; click on the Print icon to print a hardcopy version.


  • Courses dropped before the drop deadline do not show on your schedule.
  • Courses from which you have withdrawn will still show up on your schedule.
  • Asynchronous courses with no set meeting day/time will not show on the schedule grid.

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