Frequently Asked Questions

To begin the process of Prior Learning Assessment, you should first review the Prior Learning process located on our main page. Click here to go there.

Yes, you must be a degree seeking student at Old Dominion University, with the exception of students in a certificate or endorsement area. They may earn a maximum of six credit hours through prior learning assessment credit to apply to a certificate, endorsement or teacher licensure program. Prior learning assessment hours gained in these programs would be applicable to approved degree programs at Old Dominion University.

You can earn a maximum of 60 Prior Learning credits as an undergraduate and six as a graduate student. You will still be expected to meet residency requirements as listed in the Old Dominion catalog.

Credit earned through Prior Learning Assessment options does not count as resident credit at Old Dominion University. Thus, these credits do not apply to the minimum residency requirement of 25 percent of the total number of credits required for the degree or the credit hours required for graduation with honors or distinction.

Yes. When you earn credit experientially, it is applied to your academic record in the same way as is classroom credit; however, it does not count towards your GPA, institutional credit, or University writing requirement.

Cost varies, based on the option you're assigned. For a complete listing of student costs, please see our fees page. Note that all Prior Learning fees are out of pocket expenses- no financial aid may be used.

Yes. The cost to you is based, in part, on work involved for the faculty assessor. Regardless of outcome and/or credit granted, a faculty assessor must still provide and grade a departmental exam, assess a portfolio or evaluate training.

Since you do not actually enroll in the course, no, it does not. For specific information regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 757-683-3683.

You will receive an e-mail from Prior Learning Assessment staff, indicating whether or not you've earned credit. Typically, credit should appear on your transcript within three to five days.

The title of the course, the course number and the number of credit hours are documented on your transcript. You receive an XP for "experiential pass".

While the PLA office is part of Continuing Education, we serve the entire ODU community, including each college. We can be reached by e-mailing or calling 757-683-5650. We are located at 1105 Student Success Center on the main Norfolk campus.