Scholarship Opportunities

At Hampton Roads Naval ROTC, you can pursue a variety of awarded and potential scholarship options.

College Program Application

This option allows you to "walk-on" to the NROTC program with the goal of earning a scholarship & commission. 

National Scholarship Application

This nationally competitive scholarship is usable at any of the 70+ universities which have a Navy ROTC unit.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Four-Year "National" Scholarship is nationally competitive and is usable at any of the 70+ universities which have a Navy ROTC unit. You can get this scholarship for one of three areas: Navy, Marine Corps or Nursing. Note that the HRNROTC Consortium does not offer the nursing option. You can fill out the National scholarship application online at, or you can request an application through your local Navy/Marine Corps Recruiter. Your local Navy Recruiting District (NOT an NROTC unit) will handle the application process for the National scholarship. The deadline for this scholarship varies but is generally December 31st of your senior year in high school. Despite this, the earlier you apply the better - even as early as the summer before your senior year.

Minimum eligibility requirements:

  • NAVY: 1200 SAT (540Math / 550 Critical Reading minimums) or a 21 Math and 22 English, summed to a minimum of 47, on the ACT
  • MARINE OPTION: 1000 (Math and Critical Reading) on the SAT or 22 composite on the ACT.

Officer Interviews:

To schedule an Officer Interview as part of your NROTC Scholarship Application, please email the HRNROTC Recruiter at

These MSISR/HBCU Scholarships are locally competitive, offer the same careers as the Four-Year National Scholarship (Unrestricted Line/Warfare Area) and apply to any Historical Black College/University with an NROTC unit. For a complete list of all 14 HBCUs, visit These scholarships traditionally have an 80-90% acceptance rate. Our NROTC consortium includes two HBCUs: Norfolk State and Hampton University. These scholarships are available to all individuals, regardless of race or ethnicity. The application process starts at In addition to the online application you must also seek an endorsement from the NROTC unit to which you are applying. Please contact our recruiter for details on how to obtain an MSI or FCB endorsement. The application closes December 31st, but may close sooner at each HBCU. Once all scholarships are filled at a given university, the application window will close.

MSISR minimum eligibility requirements:

  • SAT 540 Math / 550 Critical Reading, or a 21 Math and 22 English on the ACT
  • MSISR is only available for Navy option

One, two and three-year scholarships are available for college students who have more than 30 semester hours (45 quarter hours) but less than 120 semester hours and at least one full year of college remaining. Minimum requirements are a 2.5 cumulative GPA and must be admitted to or in the process of applying to the university affiliated with the NROTC unit. Applicants compete nation-wide against current midshipmen at all NROTC supporting universities. It is recommended to greatly exceed the minimums to be competitive for one of these scholarships. Once completed, the application must be turned into the local Navy ROTC Unit by 31 May each year.

One of the programs that many of our incoming freshmen choose is the Non-Scholarship College Program Basic Course, which allows you to "walk-on" to the NROTC program, participate in Naval Science courses and lab, with the ultimate goal of earning a two or three year side-load scholarship and your commission. After at least one semester of full participation in the NROTC program, if your GPA is greater than 3.0 and your military bearing is outstanding, we will send in a package to the Navy requesting an NROTC scholarship. If a scholarship is granted, it will cover exactly the same items as the Four-Year National Scholarship and MSI Scholarship mentioned above.

All scholarship students participate in exciting one-month training opportunities with active Navy and/or Marine Corps units stationed around the world each summer. The goal of College Program midshipmen is to earn a scholarship or be accepted into the College Program Advanced Standing. Both scholarships and Advance Standing are nationally competitive and a requirement to continue in the program beyond junior year. Advance Standing does not pay for college. It does guarantee a commission upon graduation.

NROTC College Program applications for Fall 2022 are due by 4 pm on 18APR. Any incomplete applications will not be considered.

The Naval ROTC Preparatory Program (NPP) Scholarship provides economically and/or academically disadvantaged applicants with a unique opportunity to earn a commission in the United States Navy. This scholarship provides an extra year of academics and military orientation focused on preparing students for NROTC success. Every university runs a different program, but they all have the same end-goal of preparing incoming students for the rigourous academic, physical, and mental challenges of the NROTC program and service as a Naval Officer.