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Have you ever gone to your primary care physician and been asked “Have you fallen previously?”

This simple question is often the first (and only) assessment performed by your PCP in an effort to understand whether you are at risk of falling. However, preventing falls and falls-related injuries is complex as there are over 400 factors that can affect someone's chances of falling. The key to prevention is to sort through the major risk factors and identify those that may lead to someone suffering a fall. This information about a person's specific risk factors should then be incorporated into the best intervention to reduce the chance of a future fall.

But where can you attain such a comprehensive assessment and recommendation?

Monarch Balance for Life is a structured assessment program that measures and identifies an individual's risk factors. We collate this information to generate a personalized report containing your overall fall risk profile and suggestions for evidence-based interventions. This report is provided directly to clients or clinicians tight on time making falls-risk care efficient and effective. We have clinicians and researchers who are experts on the topic of falling and have a cumulative 20+ years of experience evaluating, researching, and treating people who have experienced falls. Predict and prevent falling today by working with us!

What Our Clients Say

"I had to be extraordinarily careful so I wouldn't fall. On Sundays, I staggered down the aisle like a drunken sailor. I realized that I could be tested on a number of factors. The biggest thing the tests revealed was that my ankles were very weak, and previous therapy hadn't revealed that. After a few months, I'm processing through the church slightly wobbly, but I'm not lunging."

- Rev. Jess Stribling

For Clinicians

How can we help your practice?

We offer consultation and customized evidence-based solutions on how to meet your patients and clients falls-related needs. We will help you become a provider of choice when addressing falls risk or how to integrate falls risk assessment to help guide care for improved outcomes.

  • Customized falls risk assessments for your practice
  • On-site Falls Assessment Clinic
  • Seminars on latest evidence-based assessment and treatment
  • Patient education seminars on a variety of falls-related topics including: How to fall safely, How to get up from a fall

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