Our mission is to serve the many members of the military services and their families.

The Office of Military Activities exists to provide an overview of the numerous military-related academic programs, research and development initiatives, and other partnerships with federal sector organizations which collectively make Old Dominion University one of the most supportive institutions of higher education to the United States military.

Old Dominion is a pro-military institution. Servicemen, servicewomen, and their families will find the most supportive academic team ready and willing to facilitate degree attainment, including recognition of military experiences that may accelerate degree completion. Campus military ceremonies, supported by our superb Naval and Army ROTC units, are the order of the day at ODU, and frequent visits by senior Department of Defense leaders for symposia, commencements, and lectures provide special insights to the Monarch community on national strategies, homeland defense, and related topics.

We are extremely proud of and honored by, many of our military alumni and students who are leading Navy fleets, serving in top-level senior assignments ashore, piloting NASA space shuttles - or completing degree programs while involved in their demanding active duty assignments. We hope you will get the sense that this university is truly "out front" in its many relationships with the armed forces as they defend our country's freedoms for us all.

Robert E. Clark
Captain, USN (Ret)
Director of Military Activities

Military + ODU

  • Pro-Military campus environment
  • Thousands of military graduates
  • Host to strong Navy and Army ROTC units
  • A national leader in innovative military academic programs
  • Over 20 formal military partnerships
  • Voted Top University/College in Region for Support to the Military by Soundings Magazine

Military Enrollment Support

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Step-by-step checklist for prospective and admitted military students.

Military Connection Center

Support for military students from admission through graduation to career. 

Veteran Services

Assistance with G.I. Bill, other VA programs, and certification. 

Military Partnerships

ODU proudly partners with military installations to support the courageous men and women of our military.