Telling ODU’s Story with the University Archives

As the institutional memory of the University, the University Archives tell the story of ODU’s from its founding in 1930. In addition to historical resources, our archivists actively collect current university records and student life materials. For more information, contact University Archivist Steven Bookman.


Donate or Transfer Materials

Are you in possession of historically valuable materials related to Old Dominion University (ODU)? Consider making a significant contribution to ODU's University Archives by donating these materials. By doing so, you can actively participate in preserving the rich history of the university an ensuring the future generations have access to its remarkable legacy.

Your donation will not only serve as a tangible record of ODU's grown and accomplishments but also contribute to the research and educational endeavors of students, faculty, and scholars. Your generosity will be recognized and appreciated as your materials will find a permanent home where they will be curated, protected, and made available for study and exploration.

Join us in preserving ODU's story and supporting the academic community by making a meaningful donation to the University Archives.


Explore More University History

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