Elise N. Hofheimer Art Library

The Elise N. Hofheimer Art Library contains print books, exhibition catalogs, reference materials, current/bound art journals and magazines, and media on visual arts, art education, architecture, sculpture, drawing, graphic arts and design, painting, print media, decorative arts, photography, and arts and crafts.  Housed in a bright, cozy space on the 2nd floor of the Barry Art Building, the space is equipped with PC and Mac computers, a scanner and drawing tablet, and a campus color printer. The Art Library actively collaborates with the Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Gallery (include link) in supporting innovative research in Folk and Self-Taught Art.  Art Library collections are developed through funding from the ODU Libraries' materials budget and Hofheimer Endowed Funds.

  • Art Reference
  • Art Video Collection
  • Current & Bound Art Journals
  • Exhibition Catalogs
  • Scanner & Drawing Tablet
  • Computer Workstations


Elise N. Hofheimer

Old Dominion University established an art library in 1963 in the Fine Arts Building, as a result of the interest of Elise N. Hofheimer, a Norfolk native and philanthropist. She saw that art students needed a study area and lounge for art students, and donated funds, books, and equipment to establish the art library.  The Hofheimer family has continued to support the art library, and the facility was officially dedicated as the Elise N. Hofheimer Art Library in 1982.

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