Electron Microscopes

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM)

Transmission Electron Microscope



The JEM-2100F is an advanced Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope featuring ultrahigh resolution and rapid data acquisition. The JEM-2100F is a next generation TEM that simplifies atomic level structural analyses in biology, medicine, and materials sciences as well as the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

The JEM-2100F has been developed to achieve the highest image quality and the highest analytical performance in the 200kV class analytical TEM with a probe size under 0.5 nm. The new side-entry goniometer stage provide ease of use tilt, rotation, heating and cooling, programmable multi-point settings--all without mechanical drift. The JEM-2100F at ODU-ARC is equipped with an Oxford Xplore SDD detector, a 11-megapixelGatan SC1000 ORIUS CCD camera, and a Gatan 626 single tilt liquid nitrogen cryo transfer holder. 

Item Value
Accelerating Voltage 200 kV
Electron Gun ZrO/W (100) field emission
Imaging Mode
  • High resolution
  • Bright field
  • Dark field
  • STEM
  • 0.23 nm (point-to-point)
  • 0.10 nm (lattice)
  • 0.20 nm (STEM)
  • MAG mode: 2,000x - 1,500,000x
  • Low MAG mode: 50x - 6,000x
  • SA MAG mode: 8,000x - 800,000x
Spot Size
  • 2-5 nm (TEM mode)
  • 0.5-2.4 nm (analytical mode)
CCD Camera Gatan SC1000 ORIUS CCD camera (11 megapixel)
EDS Unit Oxford Xplore SDD detector
EDS Modes
  • Point analysis
  • Line Scan
  • Elemental mapping
  • Spectral imaging


The JEM-2100F has the capability of characterizing radiation-sensitive, frozen-hydrated specimens. The cryo transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) facilities at ARC include a Gatan 626 single tilt liquid nitrogen cryo transfer holder, a Gatan Model 655 Dry Pumping Station, and a programmable Gatan 900 SmartSet temperature controller.




The TEM specimen preparation laboratory is equipped with various tools including polisher, diamond saw, dimpler, and ion miller for preparing specimens for TEM observation.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Scanning Electron Microscope



  • JEOL JSM-6060LV has resolution of 3.5 nm in the high vacuum SEM mode and 4.0nm in the lowvacuum SEM mode.

  • The newly developed electron optics has a lowest magnification of 5X.

  • The specimen chamber is tall enough for a 50mm high specimen and is equipped with a eucentricspecimen stage.

  • The operation graphic user interface (GUI) has automatic functions, recipe (customapplications settings), a simple Desk Top Publisher and a browseable image database forcomfortable operation from observation to report creation.

  • The low vacuum SEM mode enables one to observe and analyze non-conductive, wet, or high-vacuum incompatible specimens.

Item Specification
Accelerating Voltage 5-30 kV
Imaging Mode
  • High vacuum (HV) for regular samples
  • Low vacuum (LV) for biological samples
  • 3.5 nm (HV mode)
  • 4.0 nm (LV mode)
Magnification 5X - 300,000X
EDS Unit Thermo Scientific UltraDry Premium EDS Detector
EDS Modes
  • Point & Shoot
  • Line Scan
  • Elemental mapping
  • Spectral imaging