Safety & Civic Responsibility

ODUPD Safety & Security Surveys

ODUPD offers a FREE service where they will come to your off-campus residence and perform a CPTED Safety Enhancement Survey. During the survey, ODUPD checks your doors, locks, windows, and lighting. They then provide recommendations about securing your off-campus residence.

Schedule a survey today by contacting Officer Tommy Evans at

Norfolk Crime Map

Before signing a lease to an off-campus property, it is always a good idea to check the Norfolk Crime Map. Use this map to understand the type and frequency of reported crime in any location in the City of Norfolk.

Door & Window Alarms

Door and window alarms can provide a sense of comfort and alert you of unwanted entry into your home. Wireless alarms beep when the door or window is opened.

ODU provides FREE window and door alarms to students. Simply bring your student ID to the Off-Campus Student Life Office (1086 Webb Center) and pick up your alarm today!

As a reminder, it's important to check with your landlord before installing alarms.

Safety & Tech

ODU Alerts
ODU Alerts

In case of emergencies, students, faculty, and staff can sign up to be immediately notified by text message, instant message, or phone call.

LiveSafe App
LiveSafe App

LiveSafe is a free mobile app to enhance the personal safety of the ODU community. Get alerts, partner with friends, connect with police, and more!

Civic Responsibilities

Members of the University community living off-campus have responsibilities to both the Old Dominion community and their neighborhood community. Here is a list of some responsibilities you will have living off-campus.

  1. Always follow the guidance for trash removal for your off-campus residence, including the guidance on removing bulk waste from your residence. Visit the City of Norfolk's website for specific guidance.

  2. Some residents may be required to obtain a Residential Parking Permit to park near their off-campus residence. For information on how to obtain the parking permit, please visit the City of Norfolk's website. 

  3. Make sure that any social gathering you have is safe and that it does not disturb your neighbors! For more information about how to host a responsible party, visit the Party Smart page.

  4. Engage with your neighbors. Report suspicious behaviors in your neighborhood to ODUPD through the LiveSafe App. Attend the Civic League meeting for your neighborhood to learn more about the issues facing your community.

Community Clean Up