Exit Requirements

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Modules: All grant participants must complete the CITI RCR modules within the first 12 hours of admittance. If a student has not completed the CITI RCR modules after the 4th semester of study, the Office of the Registrar will place a fatal hold on registration and other university transactions, including transcript orders.

RCR module website: http://www.citiprogram.org/ 

Review ODU's requirements and select instructions for further information. Note that you must complete the Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research course. You do not need to send your certificate to the grant office, but you should retain a copy for your records. When you created your log-in and indicated that you were a student at ODU, you set up an automatic transfer of your completion information to ODU. If, 6 weeks after you completed the RCR course, you do not see a notation on your student record on Leo Online, call Teacher Education Services at 757-683-3348 to confirm that you've met this requirement.

Background check: CSEEP grant recipients are participating in an approved endorsement program that requires completion of early field experiences (practica). Regardless of the placement location of your early field experiences (practica), including your own classroom, it is required that you complete the ODU clearance process before the deadline. Please note that Teacher Education Services (TES) will drop any participant registered in SPED 415 and/or 611 if he/she has not met this requirement by the deadline.

This clearance process is explained on the Teacher Education Services website at https://www.odu.edu/success/academic/teacher-education/placement/background-checks It is essential that each element in the clearance is completed accurately, by following the instructions. Please read each set of directions carefully. If you have completed a portion of this clearance process at a previous time, you may send a copy of the results to Dr. Leigh Butler at the address below. Without a copy, all portions of the clearance process must be completed as described in the memo. Grant participants are required to complete the process once while at Old Dominion University, unless they have a break in service requiring reactivation of their ODU accounts. However, if a school division requires an additional clearance, you must complete the clearance requested by the school division or move to a different school division that will accept the ODU clearance process.

If you have questions, please contact the Teacher Education Services and Advising Office (TES) at 757-683-3348.

Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Programs (CSEEP)