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Strome Military Ambassadors

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Solders holding up the flag which transitions into people in a boardroom.

If you are curious about the transition from the military into student life, ask one of our Strome military ambassadors who are experiencing the transition. You can email your questions at StromeMilitaryAmbassadors@odu.edu. If you would like to ask a specific ambassador, just state their name in the subject line and we will try to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Bert Landingin

Military Ambassador, Bert Landingin



New Jersey


Courtney Jacobson

Military Ambassador, Courtney Jacobs


Maritime and Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics

Fargo, North Dakota


Dan Vecchiolla

Military Ambassador, Dan Vecchiolla

Graduate Student

Public Admnistration

Harrisonburg, NY

Navy Veteran

Dawn Johns

Military Ambassador, Dawn Johns


Business Adminstration

Annapolis, MD


Richard Deluna

Military Ambassador, Richard Deluna

Stephanie Hutcherson

Military Ambassador, Stephanie Hutcherson


Double Major in Accounting and Finance

Worthington, IN

Navy Veteran