Mr. B. Wayne Coleman
C V International


Ms. Deborah C. Waters
Attorney at Law, Proctor in Admiralty
Waters Law Firm, P.C.

Council Secretary (Ex-Officio)

Ms. Kate Villaflor
Secretary, School of Public Service
Old Dominion University

University Ex Officio Representatives

Dr. Austin Agho
Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
Old Dominion University

Dr. Wayne K. Talley
Executive Director
Maritime Research Lab
Strome College of Business
Old Dominion University

Dr. Ling Li
Chair, Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences
Strome College of Business
Old Dominion University

Dr. Jeff Tanner
Dean, Strome College of Business
Old Dominion University

Ms. Nancy Grden
Associate Vice President
Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Old Dominion University

Dr. Ricardo Ungo
Director, Maritime, Ports, and Logistics Institute
Old Dominion University

Mr. Jeremiah "Jerry" Cronin
Executive Director
Open Seas Technology Innovation Hub
Old Dominion University

Dr. Mileta Tomovic
Mitsubishi Kasei Professor of Manufacturing Technology
Batten College of Engineering and Technology
Old Dominion University

Ms. Krista Kubovchik
Student Propeller Club President
Old Dominion University

Government Representatives

Mr. Thomas D. Capozzi
Chief Commercial Officer
Virginia Port Authority

Capt. Samson Stevens, USCG
Captain of the Port, Sector Hampton Roads

Mr. Stephen Kirkland
Executive Director
Nauticus National Maritime Center

Mr. Mark J. Laria
Area Port Director
Customs and Border Protection

Mr. Nuns Jain
Program Excellence and Quality Assurance Advisor
U.S. Department of Transportation, MARAD

Mr. James Goodheart
Program Manager, Combat Logistics Force (PM1)
Military Sealift Command

Ms. Jordan Watkins
International Trade Manager
Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Association Representatives

Mr. Larry Bachtell
Vice President, Atlantic Coast District
International Longshoremen's Association

Capt. Frank Rabena
Vice President
Virginia Pilot Association

Mr. Roger J. Giesinger
President and Chief Labor Negotiator
Hampton Roads Shipping Association

Mr. William Fediw
Vice President, Industry and Government Affairs
Virginia Maritime Association

Industry Representatives

Ms. Marguerite E. Bates-Frier
Vice President Truck and Depot Operations

Mr. Marc Marling
VanMarc Shipping

Mr. Ed O'Callaghan
Audax Transportation /Century Express

Mr. Jack Hilgers, PhD
Executive Director Emeritus
Virginia Veterans Services Foundation

Mr. David Sloane
Senior Director Contracting and Procurement
Maersk Line, Limited

Dr. Joseph "Joe" F. Bouchard
Vision and Action Strategic Consulting

Mr. Ray Keating
Head International Merchandiser
Perdue AgriBusiness LLC

Mr. Trevor Dunlap
Givens Group

Mr. Collis Bryant
Bryant Transportation Group

Ms. Kelsey Host Sarcone
Virginia Agency Operations
T. Parker Host, Inc.

Mr. Eitan Stern
Eitan Stern-Business and Management Consulting
Formerly, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Zim Integrated Shipping Services, Ltd.

Ms. Morgan Burnett
Project Manager - Supply Chain
Dollar Tree

Ms. Amanda Nesmith
Industrial Development Manager
Eastern VA, MD, and DE
Norfolk Southern Corporation

Mr. Kevin Price
Chief Operations Officer
Virginia International Terminals, LLC

Mr. Robert "Bob" Motley
Retired Senior Manager Customer Service and Pricing
Virginia International Terminals

Mr. David H. Sump
Willcox & Savage, P.C.


Ms. Lauren Creech
Manager, Sales Support
Virginia International Terminals

Capt. Michael B. Stanton
Director, Strategic Initiatives
BAE Systems - Ship Repair

Mr. Dale Bennett
President and CEO
Virginia Trucking Association

Ms. Kacey Rae Schaum, M.ED
Associate Director, Experiential Learning
Career Development Services
Old Dominion University

Dr. Erika Marsillac
EV Williams Fellow and Associate Professor
Information Technology & Decision Science
Old Dominion University

Ms. Evelyn M. Suarez
The Suarez Firm

Dr. David P. Cook
Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies
Strome College of Business
Old Dominion University

Dr. Joshua Steinfeld
Assistant Professor Public Service
Strome College of Business
Old Dominion University