Vehicle Reservation Forms

Biology Vehicles are for the use of Biology Department personnel only. Please reserve a vehicle using one of the two forms below. Submit using process under "Policies & Procedures."

Registration Calendar

Reservation Form

Complete this form to schedule vehicle use.

Mileage Form

Complete before departure & on return with a vehicle.

Policies & Procedures

The vehicles will be parked on the roof of Garage B, Off of 43rd Street, but may be parked at different locations throughout the academic year. The Transit Van must only be parked in space 106 Garage B, in a state vehicle space behind MGB, or lot 43. Please check with BSSF for current parking location prior to attempting a pick up. The keys are kept in BSSF and will be made available on the day the vehicle is required – contact BSSF to make arrangements for key pick up.

  1. Check the Vehicle Sharepoint calendar or with BSSF to make sure there are vehicles available when you need them.
  2. Fill out one form per vehicle/day required and submit the form via email to the BSSF at
  3. This form is the only valid method of making a reservation!  Emails (without form attached), hand written requests, phone calls and personal communications will not be honored.
  4. Please make your vehicle reservations at least 5 business days prior to your departure date.  BSSF Staff will try to assist you with unexpected vehicle needs but only reservations made 5 business days prior to your departure will be guaranteed.
  5. All users must present a valid driver’s license and University ID, and have an insurable driving record. 6.All usage will be charged; usage fee does not include tolls which will be added to any charges. Any research use must have an appropriate grant number completed. Charges are per day. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged, and so the vehicles are made available to others.
  6. Every attempt will be made by BSSF staff to make sure vehicles are fully fueled at pick up.  Gas cards will only be checked out for overnight, out of town trips. All refueling must be done using the gas card, with all receipts turned into the BSSF.
  7. In the event of an accident please look in the Vehicle Information Packet located in the vehicle for instructions on who to contact. The State Police must be contacted regardless of the severity of the accident.
  8. In the event of a breakdown please make a safe effort to get the vehicle to a secure location off the highway. Please make sure to flag the vehicle and leave a note in the front window with BSSF contact information and the date.  Unfortunately Biology does not have the staff or vehicles necessary to guarantee a switch to a comparable working vehicle.  Individual users will be responsible for arranging alternative transportation of their passengers and cargo in the event of a breakdown.  Biology will however be completely responsible for the towing and return of the disabled vehicle, the user need only provide Biology staff with the location of the disabled vehicle and any additional pertinent information.
  9. Under no circumstances may hazardous materials be transported in any Biology vehicle.
  10. The operator is responsible for obeying/complying with all applicable University/local/state/federal laws/policies/procedures.
  11. Please return the vehicles in a clean state. A shop-vac is available in the preparation room-loading dock of PSB. The lock key is on the key ring with the vehicle key.  Please vacuum the vehicle and lock the shop-vac up when finished.
  12. There is no personal use of the vehicles allowed. Personal use is a taxable event and subject to reporting on Form W2 and tax withholding.