Old Dominion University students, faculty, staff and alumni will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to acknowledge the profound impact Hispanic and Latinx individuals have made on American society, history and culture, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the ongoing struggles and challenges Hispanic and Latinx communities face, particularly in areas like education, healthcare and employment.

One of the standout events during this year's commemoration is Latina Equal Pay Day at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 5 at the Mane Hub in Webb Center. This event aims to draw attention to the stark pay inequities that Latinas often experience in the United States.

Latina Equal Pay Day is a joint effort between the Women's & Gender Equity Center and the Office of Intercultural Relations.

“We are working together to create an engaging and informative experience for our students and the broader community,” said Mariela Romero, ODU’s Latinx initiatives graduate assistant in the Office of Intercultural Relations. “As part of this year's Latina Equal Pay Day event, we plan to set up an interactive ‘talk back’ wall. This innovative approach aims to educate and engage participants by providing them with key pay-gap statistics. This wall will serve as a platform for students to voice their thoughts, ask questions and contribute to the ongoing conversation about pay equity.”

Other events that will take place during Hispanic Heritage Month are:

  • Sept. 25: Student Latin Night | 6-8 p.m., North Cafe, Webb University Center
  • Sept. 30: National African Diaspora Month Celebration | 2-5 p.m., Mills Godwin Building Rm 102
  • Oct. 2: La Voz Open Mic Karaoke | 6 p.m., James/Lynn/Potomac Rooms, Webb Center
  • Oct. 5: Coffee Hour iWEPA! Performance | 12:30-1:30 p.m., Barry Art Museum
  • Oct. 14: Adelante Dinner | 5- 7 p.m., North Cafe, Webb Center

For more information about Hispanic Heritage Month events, visit https://www.odu.edu/intercultural-relations/latinx/hispanic-heritage-month. Information will also be made available for African Diaspora Month events, which will kick off Sept. 30.

Throughout the month, these workshops, discussions and cultural events will not only provide students and faculty with an opportunity to learn about the contributions and challenges faced by Hispanic and Latinx communities but will connect them with Latinx programs and initiatives meant to support their academic experience and success at ODU.

ODU’s Latinx initiatives “strive to promote Hispanic/Latinx/a/os student success through campus and community engagement, student coaching, leadership development, inclusive cultural programming and events to raise awareness of the Latinx culture. At ODU, the Hispanic/Latinx/a/os community is encouraged to explore multiple identities through intersectional experiences as a part of campus life at ODU.”

To learn more about ODU’s Office of Intercultural Relations’ Latinx initiatives and how you can get involved, visit https://www.odu.edu/intercultural-relations/latinx