Latinx Initiatives


Las iniciativas hispanas/latinx/a/os celebran las comunidades diversas y la riqueza cultural de los estudiantes que son parte de la familia Monarch.

Las iniciativas hispanas/latinx/a/os se esfuerzan por promover el éxito de los estudiantes hispanos/latinx/a/os a través de la participación en el campus y la comunidad, el entrenamiento de los estudiantes, el desarrollo de liderazgo y la programación y eventos culturales inclusivos para crear conciencia sobre la cultura hispanos/latinx/a/os. En ODU, se alienta a la comunidad hispana/latinx/a/os a explorar múltiples identidades a través de experiencias interseccionales como parte de la vida del campus en ODU.

Welcome! The Latinx initiatives strive to promote Hispanic/Latinx/a/os student success through campus and community engagement, student coaching, leadership development, and inclusive cultural programming and events to raise awareness of the Latinx culture. At ODU, the Hispanic/Latinx/a/os community is encouraged to explore multiple identities through intersectional experiences as a part of campus life at ODU.

Family Connection

Family members are encouraged to join the ODU Latinx Family Connection on Facebook Groups.


What is Latinx?

Latinx is the most recent term on the rise used in the United States to identify people from Latin American or Hispanic communities. It is often used interchangeably with the terms Latino/Latina and Hispanic in a way that includes people from all genders, including those who do not fit the gender binary (who do not identify as men or women). Inclusive language is important to communicate awareness, acceptance, and affirmation of difference, particularly toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) and transgender/gender nonconforming (TGNC) community due to nouns in Spanish typically end in an "o" for masculine words and "a" for feminine ones.

Language and terminology change over time, as do certain groups' terms to describe themselves.The Office of Intercultural Relations honors and respects the personal decision that one selects to identify their ethnic identity. It is a matter of preference which term you use.

To learn more about the term Latinx, read the article which explains the use of "Latinx" and invites psychologists and mental health professionals to examine their linguistic practices as part of their commitment to equality and equity.

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