Banner Analytics (Insight)

Insight is the University's centralized reporting and analytics system. You can access Insight using your web browser. Insight at Old Dominion University is an implementation of Cognos (an IBM product) using Ellucian data models. Insight consists of reports, dashboards and data models to view University data across different business areas.

You must be an active faculty or staff member to have access to Insight. Some reports are available to all users of Insight. Based on the requirements and functions of your job, you can request access to additional reports from individual business areas.

When you are finished with an Insight session, make sure you properly log out. Logging out of a web-authenticated service is not guaranteed until you properly exit the browser window. To log out, please ensure your browser is 'Closed' (Windows) or 'Quit' (Apple).

Requesting Insight Access

All active faculty and staff have access to Insight and some general reports. To request access to additional reports in the system, please contact appropriate business units/departments.


You can access Insight from most commonly used browsers, like Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but we recommend using Internet Explorer.

Following versions of web browsers are supported by IBM for our Cognos Analytics version:

  • Apple Safari: Version 9 and future fix packs
  • Google Chrome: Latest release and future fix packs
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Version 11 and future fix packs
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR: Version 60 and future fix packs

More information on supported software versions including browsers can be found by clicking here.