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When a student is found responsible by a Conduct Officer, the outcome letter sent to the student's email explains in detail sanctions that should be completed by the assigned deadline. Sanctions are developmental tools that enable conduct officers to respond to student's documented misconduct in developmentally appropriate ways. Sanctions also provide the official institutional response to violations of University policy that either undermines the integrity and order of the University community or the health, safety, or well-being of University community members.

Read about Sanctions: Code of Student Conduct Section XI

Generally, our sanctions fulfill three primary objectives:

  • Educate students about the consequences (physical, social, academic, etc.) of their behaviors;
  • Deter additional violations of University policy;
  • Assist students in connecting to resources that help them reflect on their behavior and/or seek additional assistance/support.

Students with specific questions about sanctions should contact their Conduct Officer (the person who sends email correspondence) for more information.

Students are responsible for checking their University email regularly to ensure sanctions are completed by the assigned deadline. A reminder email is usually sent five days before the sanction is due. If a student fails to complete sanctions by the assigned deadline, a hold may be applied to prevent course registration and/or graduation. Once the sanction is two weeks overdue, the student will be charged with violation BB. 8 and may be reviewed for suspension.