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Academic Integrity Module

In order to begin the petition process to have the "Academic Dishonesty" notation removed a student must:

  • Have a minimum of one year has elapsed since the sanction was imposed
  • Have successfully completed the University's Academic Integrity Matters' seminar or alternate education activitiy approved by the Vice President
  • Have not been found in violation of other Acadmic Dishonesty violations during the student's tenur at the University." (pg. 9)

Academic Dishonesty Notation

According to the Student Disciplinary Policies & Procedures, "Students found responsible for knowing or intentional violations of academic dishonesty will normally receive an 'Academic Dishonesty' notation on the student's official University transcript.

A student may petition the Vice Presdient to have the "Academic Dishonesty" notation removed.


The Virtual Academic Integrity Lab (VAIL), created by the University of Maryland-College Park's University College, fulfills the educational activity necessary to petition the Vice President. Students wishing to have an Academic Dishonesty notation removed from their transcript, or students wishing to learn more about Academic Integrity, should complete the VAIL modules using the instructions below.

  1. Go to http://www.umuc.edu/cip/vail/home-html.html
  2. Click "Students"
  3. Click "Online Tutorials"
  4. Click "Vail Tutor"
  5. Complete modules 1-4 as well as the quiz for each module.

When you have successfully completed the modules and quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion by email. You must score at least 65% in order to a certificate to be sent to the email address you provide. When you receive a certificate by email, it will acknowledge your successful completion of the module, but it will not report the score you earned.

When you satisfactorily complete this module, please forward your certificate to oscai@odu.edu in order to document your completion of the VAIL modules.