Guaranteed Admission


The Guaranteed Admission Agreement is intended to ease the transfer process between the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) and Old Dominion University (ODU).

  • Students enrolled in a VCCS institution who desire to participate in the Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA) may submit a Letter of Intent to Transfer:

    • After completion of at least 15 transferrable credits and a 2.5 grade point average;
    • But before 90 days prior to graduation from a VCCS institution.
  • Only students with intention to complete one of the following are eligible to submit the Letter of Intent and thereby participate in the GAA.
    • Intention to complete a transferrable associates degree prior to starting classes at ODU (Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts and Science, and Associate of General Studies at approved institutions only).
    • Intention to complete an approved applied associates degree with certificate in general education designed and approved as part of the ODU/VCCS articulation agreements.
  • NOTE: Students do not submit the Letter of Intent or participate in the Guaranteed Admission Agreement if they do not complete one of the above requirements
  • Meet all admission requirements
  • Be in good standing with all current and previous institutions, and able to meet the expectations of ODU's honor code of ethics
  • Meet all course/degree requirements outlined in the relevant articulation agreement for the VCCS degree
  • Earn a grade of "C" or higher in each community college course applicable to the transfer-oriented or articulated applied associate degree program
  • Graduate with a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA (as computed under VCCS policy) in a transfer-oriented or articulated applied associate degree program from a Virginia community college
  • Enroll at ODU within one year of completing the transfer-oriented associate degree or articulated applied associate degree
How to Apply
  • Submit a Letter of Intent to Transfer.
  • Apply to ODU after completing 15 credit hours at a VCCS institution with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Apply to ODU for the term following the expected completion term of your associate degree.
  • Follow application processes and deadline dates for special programs, i.e. nursing.
What to Expect
  • All transferable credits (C or better) will be accepted, granting you junior standing.
  • Your credits will satisfy the ODU lower-level general education requirement.
  • You may need to exceed the 120-credit minimum required for graduation.
  • Some degree programs at ODU may require additional applications and admission into these programs is not guaranteed.
  • If you have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 (from all schools attended) and plan to enter ODU in the fall semester, you will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships.
  • ODU guarantees that students who graduate within six years of submitting the letter of intent to transfer will be able to do so under the requirements in place at the time of submission. After the six-year period, a new catalog must be selected.