Old Dominion University believes in the positive impact that student organizations can have to the overall Monarch community. In addition to leadership and management support, student organizations have access to various types of monetary support to apply towards annual activities and operational costs. Listed below are three different forms of financial support offered to student organizations registered with the University.

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Detailed information regarding the steps needed to apply for the funding options listed below are found on the SET Policies & Procedures page.

Annual Budgets

Each year, the Student Government Association reviews annual budget requests submitted by student organizations (that are registered as Recognized) outlining their anticipated operating costs for the upcoming year.

Each request is reviewed by the SGA Finance Committee as well as volunteer ODU Faculty/Staff, and a detailed amount of funding is allocated to the organization to be used throughout the upcoming year. New organizations applying for their first annual budget are limited to a $500 initial allocation.

Budget requests are submitted via Monarch Groups, information and deadlines on submitting the nudget will be advertised by Student Government Association. Additionally, several budget management and budget request training sessions are offered throughout the year. Organizations seeking to apply for an annual budget must attend one of these budget sessions prior to applying for an annual budget.

View 2019 - 2020 Student Organization allocations.

SET Finance Policies & Procedures

Student organizations that are allotted annual funding, contingencies, and sponsorships submit payment requests via Monarch Groups to be processed by the Student Engagement and Traditions Finance staff. There are a variety of different types of transactions student organizations are able to request following Commonwealth and University policies as well as the SGA financial bylaws. Transactions that can be made in advance on behalf of the organization are highly preferred. Each type of transaction has different components and a full explanation can be found in the SET Finance Policies & Procedures handbook.

All student organizations who receive funding must attend a Student Engagement & Traditions hosted budget workshop in the fall semester. This is different from the annual budget workshop hosted by SGA.

The last day to submit payment requests is the last day of classes in each semester.

Visit the SET Finance Policies & Procedures site to learn more.

Monarch Groups

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The Code of Conduct

Student Organizations must comply with the Code of Student Conduct and its policies on organizational behavior.


The Student Government Association recognizes that student organizations often develop programming or operational costs throughout the year that were not anticipated prior to their Annual Budget Request submission.

In response, SGA provides an opportunity for organizations (that are registered as either Recognized or Provisional) to request funding for these extra costs through Contingency Requests. Once per semester (as well as an additional time during Homecoming Week) organizations may request funding from SGA.

This process requires meeting with the SGA Finance Committee who will then construct a Contingency Bill to be presented to the SGA Senate. Contingency Requests must be voted on and approved by the SGA Senate in order to be applied to an organization's annual budget.


Organizations may receive sponsorship funding from other organizations at the University.

PepsiDining Services, as well as the ODU Bookstore provide support for student organization events. These sponsorships are requested through an application form via Monarch Groups and are accepted throughout the year.

Additionally, organizations may partner with other organizations as co-sponsors on an event. These co-sponsorships allow for student organizations to compile funds within their budgets. Each organization has its own process through which co-sponsorships are requested and evaluated. Students are encouraged to reach out to other organizations' Treasurers (and other officers) when seeking a co-sponsorship.

The Student Government Association highly prioritizes its commitment to co-sponsoring events with other organizations across campus. Organizations (Recognized or Associated) seeking to co-sponsor an event with SGA that is open to the entire university community may fill out the application via Monarch Groups.