Community Commitment

Community Commitment and Monarch Momentum

Students pose at a football game.

Monarchs have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to seizing every opportunity and responding to any and all challenges. Old Dominion University is proud to serve as a home to students, faculty, and staff who care deeply for others. Old Dominion is truly a campus of the community, for the community, and by the community. We will continue to proudly welcome members of our community – both near and far – to our campus for youth camps, business meetings, and social events, just to name a few!

Bold efforts and collaborative approaches have ensured that Monarchs maintain an appropriate work-life balance, while fully immersing themselves in daily University life. We are proud to be a campus that is committed to wellness with the mind, body, and spirit of all Monarchs in clear and constant focus!

In recent years, the University has implemented various initiatives to ensure that basic needs are provided to those on our campus and in our community, such as the Monarch Pantry and Monarchs Give Back to address food insecurity. For many years, the Children's Learning and Research Center has provided on-site childcare options for students, faculty, and staff. These initiatives – and so many others – are at the heart of our proven success as a campus that cares and will provide continuous momentum for our future work!

As we move forward together, our critical focus on the lives of individual Monarchs cannot – and will not – falter.

In this five-year plan, Old Dominion is establishing an initial set of benchmarks to elevate the accessibility, engagement, diversity, and success of all students. Building upon our prior and ongoing success, as a national leader in both African American student success and social mobility among our student population, especially those who are traditionally underserved, is just the beginning of a long-term and worthwhile effort to ensure that more Monarchs leave Old Dominion fully prepared for success in their careers, communities, and lives as strong citizen leaders!