By: Tiffany Whitfield

The College of Sciences is excited to welcome new faculty and staff to Old Dominion University. On Wed., August 23, a welcome event was held.

President Hemphill spoke to faculty and staff in the college followed by a brief presentation from Dean Gail Dodge. “It is wonderful to see so many new faces at the beginning of the fall semester,” she said. “There is a lot of energy among the faculty and staff. We all look forward to helping our new colleagues get off to a strong start.”

Monarch pride is beaming with the start of following new faculty and staff. More than 20 ODU employees have started in the College of Sciences since 2022.

College of Sciences Dean’s Office:

  • Leilanie Campos, Assistant Budget Manager
  • Alisha Melton, Advisor​
  • Jacob Smeland, Office Manager​

Department of Biological Sciences:

  • Rishi Drolia, Ph.D., Assistant Professor​
  • Megan Milla, ​Office Manager​

Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry:

  • Nicole Carey, ​Office Manager​
  • Deanne Stokes, Laboratory Specialist​

Department of Computer Science:

  • Nasreen Muhammad Arif, M.S., Lecturer
  • Danielle Bertulfo, Office Manager
  • Bethany Cartwright, Graduate Programs Assistant
  • Izaak Hagy, Systems Engineer
  • Frank Liu, Ph.D., Professor
  • Rahul Malik, Systems Engineer
  • Nisha Polawar, M.S., Lecturer
  • James Sweetman, Systems Engineer
  • CJ Szczepankiewicz, Systems Engineer
  • Ashok Kumar Veerasamy, Ph.D., Lecturer

Department of Mathematics and Statistics:

  • Nitasia Carmichael, Office Manager
  • Samuel Gedon, M.S., Lecturer
  • Michael Pokojovy, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Ocean & Earth Sciences:

  • Curtis Barnes, Relief Captain- R/V Fay Slover
  • Carmella Casey, Budget Manager
  • Susan Craig, Office Manager
  • Jana Eggleston, Lecturer​
  • Lizzie Wallace, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Department of Physics:

  • Stacey Hendrix, Operations Manager

Department of Psychology:

  • Kalynn Aguirre, Undergraduate Student Services Specialist​
  • Christopher Sanders, Ph.D., Lecturer​
  • ​Nastassia Savage, Ph.D., ​Visiting Assistant Professor ​
  • Mary Still, Ph.D., ​Assistant Professor​