By Tiffany Whitfield

On February 15, 2024, a dozen Old Dominion University pre-med student mentees partnered with medical school student mentors from Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). This engaging event was designed to foster open discussions between medical school hopefuls and current medical school students.

During the session, ODU mentees participated in rotational 10-minute tabletop conversations, where they had the chance to interact with all four EVMS medical student mentors in small groups. Discussions ranged from invaluable insights into the medical school application process to tips on balancing extracurricular activities and academic preparation, and even essential strategies for wellness and self-care.

This integrated mentorship program started in 2023. “The EVMS mentors help to meet the ODU mentees where they are and guide them through the medical school process,” said Reneldo Randall, director of ODU’s College of Sciences advising and chair of pre-professional health. In bringing these diverse students together with EVMS medical students, Monarchs will be better prepared for the initial stages of their future medical school journey.

“The event wrapped up with some fantastic networking opportunities, making it a huge success all around,” said Randall. There will be further events and mentorship opportunities to come through this unique opportunity.