Congratulations to to our local chapter of the Society of Physics Students for their accomplishments during the 2018-2019 academic year! Every year, they consistently amaze us at the amount of time, energy, and effort everyone devotes to their department and local communities. This year the Old Dominion University chapter has earned the designation of a Society of Physics Students Notable Chapter!

They were awarded a certifacte of notability, and their accomplishment will be listed on the SPS website and in the winter issue of The SPS Observer. They have certainly earned this moment of recognition. Their combined efforts supported the department, helped further student development, and strengthened the community. They are always striving to find new ways to represent their chapter and department.

Thank you to SPS for the time and energy you devote. To have your group named as a Notable Chapter is a testament to your devotion and your ability to foster leadership among your students.