The Old Dominion University College of Sciences (COS) invites the submission of proposals from its departments for funding of one-year projects through the College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Program (COSURP). The program will offer Annual Undergraduate Research Awards to science departments in support of the implementation of plans that will attract a regular stream of undergraduate students to participate in research instruction, research training and finally, independent research within the college.


a. Encourage students to be involved in research training activities early in their degree program to prepare them for other research opportunities before graduation.

b. Allow students to become more competitive for ODU and other awards, as well as for entry into future graduate education and laboratory/research related employment.

c. Provide basic research skills to Freshman/Sophomore students.

d. Increase opportunities for students to participate in group or individual research as a Junior/Senior.


Tuesday April 04, 2023, 5 p.m. (