Dear Fellow Monarchs:

At Old Dominion University, it is both our honor and privilege to serve as the proud home to many individuals from different faiths, nationalities, and races. And, when there are acts of violence in any part of the world, we feel deeply as individuals and empathize together as a community. We extend our deepest condolences to all lives lost. And, we offer our personal prayers and pledge our steadfast support for peace and protection.

Without question, the most recent attacks that are receiving significant coverage have resulted in a profound impact for those both near and far. As such, Monarch Nation stands strong with those impacted in our communities and around the world as we seek greater levels of global understanding. Cross-cultural engagement and broader communication are a focus on our campus and necessary to create positive momentum for current and future generations.

In collaboration with Old Dominion University’s Institute for Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding, I call upon our campus “to recognize that many community members are deeply affected by these events and ask that we show each other compassion, respect, and civility as together we unequivocally call for peace.” To learn more about the Institute’s outreach and work, as well as read a full statement on the most recent attacks, please visit

Warmest Regards,
Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.