As we diligently work to secure needed approvals and financial support for the integration of Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) into Old Dominion University (ODU), we continue to reflect on the exciting benefits the partnership will bring to our campuses, our community, and the Commonwealth of Virginia!


  • The combined entity will offer the largest number of health science degree programs of any such center in the Commonwealth.
  • The integration will encourage interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration across academics, research, and clinical services.
  • By joining forces, health care access will be increased for those who need it most; the regional workforce pipeline will be expanded for critically needed health care professionals; and $1.9 billion will be added to the local economy by 2040, according to an independent study conducted during the planning stages.
  • The integration will establish a direct pipeline for undergraduate students from ODU programs to matriculate into EVMS and other health science programs, which will allow us to attract more high-performing students.
  • Students, who graduate from our expanded health programs, are likely to secure jobs with competitive salaries in high-demand fields.
  • Increased investments in the economic health of Hampton Roads will support efforts to address the many health disparities in our region and will lead to a healthier and more economically vibrant community.

Finally, sincere appreciation is being extended to ODU students, faculty, and staff for active engagement in the integration process. Our future – and that of the region – looks bright because of you!

Integration Resources: Learn More

Read more about the proposed partnership on the ODU/EVMS integration website. Have questions? Email the Integration Management Office at