Three ODU Ph.D. students in the Physics Department have been awarded a coveted 2023-24 JSA/JLab Graduate Fellowship: Pushpa Pandey (Experimental Nuclear Physics; advisor: Sebastian Kuhn), Tommaso Rainaldi (Theoretical Nuclear Physics; advisor, Ted Rogers) and Marco Carillo Bernal (Theoretical Nuclear Physics; advisor, Raúl Briceño). The award comes with a $12,000 stipend supported by the Jefferson Science Associates (JSA) Initiatives Fund.

Also, during the recent June meeting of the Jefferson Lab User Organization, two ODU graduate students were recognized for their contributions to the poster prize competition (also supported by JSA): Isurumali Neththikumara won the 2nd price for her poster "Re-Design of CEBAF Opitcs for ER@CEBAF" and Caleb Fogler received an Honorable Mention for his poster "Measuring CLAS12 D(e, e'pi) Cross sections for e4v".

In the same week, ODU Ph.D. student Mariana Tenorio was awarded the "Best experimental poster prize" for her poster "Tagged analysis of J/psi photoproduction near threshold in CLAS12", presented at the 38th annual Hampton University Graduate Summer Program (HUGS23).