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Call Number Title Author Material Type
B2430 Philosophy after Deleuze : Deleuze and the genesis of representation II Hughes, Joe. eBook
B3317 Individuality and beyond : Nietzsche reads Emerson Zavatta, Benedetta, author. eBook
B3317 Nietzsche on ethics and politics Clark, Maudemarie, author. eBook
B395 Plato on the value of philosophy : the art of argument in the Gorgias and Phaedrus Irani, Tushar, 1980- author. eBook
B821 Posthuman knowledge Braidotti, Rosi author. eBook
BF109 Lacan Contra Foucault : subjectivity, sex and politics   eBook
BF176.5 HandeBookof psychological assessment   eBook
BF311 Foundations of geometric cognition Hohol, Mateusz author. eBook
BF378 Forgetful remembrance : social forgetting and vernacular historiography of a rebellion in ulster Beiner, Guy, author. eBook
BF408 Imagination in the Western psyche from ancient Greece to modern neuroscience Erickson, Jonathan, author. eBook
BF412 Extreme intelligence development, predicaments, implications Falck, Sonja author. eBook
BF431 Anatomy of foolishness the overlooked problem of risk-unawareness Greenspan, Stephen author. eBook
BF441 The cultural roots of strategic intelligence LaPaglia, Gino, 1973- author. eBook
BF448 Decision making in social sciences between traditions and innovations   eBook
BF463 Talker quality in human and machine interaction modeling the listener's perspective in passive and interactive scenarios Weiss, Benjamin author. eBook
BF481 Executive burnout : Eastern and Western concepts, models, and approaches for mitigation Sharma, Radha R. author. (Radha Rani) eBook
BF575 Emotions and loneliness in a networked society   eBook
BF575 Promoting resilience responding to adversity, vulnerability, and loss   eBook
BF575 The psychological journey to and from loneliness : development, causes, and effects of social and emotional isolation Rokach, Ami author. eBook
BF637 Becoming a life coach Chiarella, Tom author. eBook
BF637 Bullying and victimization across the lifespan playground politics and power Smokowski, Paul R. author. (Paul Richard) eBook
BF637 Intelligence in the digital age how the search for something larger may be imperiled Lesch, Lyn, 1948- author. eBook
BF637 Single-session coaching and one-at-a-time coaching distinctive features Dryden, Windy author. eBook
BF697 Differentiation of self Bowen family systems theory perspectives   eBook
BF81 Re-envisioning theoretical psychology diverging ideas and practices   eBook
BJ59 Understanding digital ethics : cases and contexts Beever, Jonathan, 1980- author. eBook
BJ754 The moral philosophy of Dietrich von Hildebrand Cajthaml, Martin author. eBook
BL2230 Religious and philosophical traditions of Korea Cawley, Kevin N. author. eBook
BL2747.3 Progressive atheism : how moral evolution changes the God debate Schellenberg, J. L., 1959- author. eBook
BL2747.6 Humanism and the death of God : searching for the good after Darwin, Marx, and Nietzsche Osborn, Ronald E., 1975- author. eBook
BL795 Smoke signals for the gods : ancient Greek sacrifice from the Archaic through Roman periods Naiden, F. S. eBook
BM652 Rabbis as Romans the rabbinic movement in Palestine, 100-400 CE Lapin, Hayim. eBook
BR305.3 A short history of the Reformation Parish, Helen L. author. eBook
BX4700 The life of Saint Teresa of Avila : a biography Eire, Carlos M. N. author. eBook
CC135 Who owns antiquity? museums and the battle over our ancient heritage Cuno, James B. eBook
CJ851 The Metallurgy of Roman Silver Coinage : From the Reform of Nero to the Reform of Trajan Butcher, Kevin, author. eBook
D1056.2 The lived experiences of Muslims in Europe recognition, power and intersubjective dilemmas Delaney, Des, 1979- author. eBook
D117 Depictions of the three orders and estates around the year 1500 Triplex status mundi Vignjević, Tomislav author. eBook
D206 Interpreting early modern Europe   eBook
D589 Fishermen, the fishing industry and the Great War at sea : a forgotten history? Robinson, Robb author. eBook
D629 Easing pain on the Western Front American nurses of the Great War and the birth of modern nursing practice Stepansky, Paul E. author. eBook
D766.82 Fighting Rommel the British Imperial Army in North Africa during the Second World War, 1941-1943 Roy, Kaushik, 1971- author. eBook
D767.25 Dangerous memory in Nagasaki prayers, protests and Catholic survivor narratives McClelland, Gwyn author. eBook
D774 PT boat odyssey in the Pacific war with Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 16, 1943-1945 Gelzheiser, Robert P., 1955- author. eBook
D810 Bitter reckoning Israel tries Holocaust survivors as Nazi collaborators Porat, Dan, 1964- eBook
D810 Whose comfort? body, sexuality and identities of Korean 'comfort women' and Japanese soldiers during WWII Ahn, Yonson, 1963- eBook
DA125 Racialization, Islamophobia and mistaken identity the Sikh experience Jhutti-Johal, Jagbir author. eBook
DA435 Things that didn't happen writing, politics and the counterhistorical, 1678-1743 McTague, John, 1983- author. eBook
DB36.3 The Habsburgs : the history of a dynasty Curtis, Benjamin W., 1972- author. eBook
DD247 The hidden Nazi the untold story of America's deal with the devil Reuter, Dean, 1960- author. eBook
DF211 Polis histories, collective memories and the Greek world Thomas, Rosalind, 1959- author. eBook
DF77 Between Greece and Babylonia : Hellenistic intellectual history in cross-cultural perspective Stevens, Kathryn, 1986- author. eBook
DF89 Combined arms warfare in ancient Greece : from Homer to Alexander the Great and his successors Wrightson, Graham author. (Graham Charles Liquorish) eBook
DG215 Egypt in Italy : Visions of Egypt in Roman Imperial Culture Swetnam-Burland, Molly author. eBook
DG311 From Rome to Byzantium AD 363 to 565 : the Transformation of ancient Rome Lee, A. D. author. eBook
DG457 Migration and the media debating Chinese migration to Italy, 1992-2012 Zhang, Gaoheng author. eBook
DG507 Theoderic and the Roman imperial restoration Arnold, Jonathan J., 1980- eBook
DG540.8 Francesco Robortello (1516-1567) architectural genius of the humanities Sgarbi, Marco, 1982- author. eBook
DG82 Crossing the pomerium the boundaries of political, religious, and military institutions from Caesar to Constantine Koortbojian, Michael author. eBook
DG87 The sons of Remus identity in Roman Gaul and Spain Johnston, Andrew C., 1984- author. eBook
DG975 A history of Siena from its origins to the present day Ascheri, Mario author. eBook
DH188 Maurits of Nassau and the survival of the Dutch Revolt comparative insurgences Ridley, Nicholas author. eBook
DK295 Foreign policies of the CIS states a comprehensive reference   eBook
DK508.847 Ukraine in transformation from Soviet Republic to European society   eBook
DK857.75 Russia and Central Asia coexistence, conquest, convergence Keller, Shoshana author. eBook
DP161 Spain, 1469-1714 : a society of conflict Kamen, Henry. eBook
DP192.5 The Routledge companion to the Hispanic Enlightenment   eBook
DP302 Intra-state immigrants as sub-state nationalists lived experiences in the Basque country Hutcheon, Nick, 1978- author. eBook
DR1673 Ethnic and national identity in Bosnia-Herzegovina kinship and solidarity in a polyethnic society Doubt, Keith author. eBook
DR267 Romania since the Second World War : a political, social and economic history Abraham, Florin, author. eBook
DS119.7 The Israel/Palestine reader Dowty, Alan, 1940- author. eBook
DS132 Israel, diaspora, and the routes of national belonging Habib, Jasmin, 1964- author. eBook
DS147 Jewish emancipation a history across five centuries Sorkin, David Jan author. eBook
DS35.74 Islam as critique Sayyid Ahmad Khan and the challenge of modernity Hussain, Khurram author. eBook
DS371.412 NATO in the Crucible coalition warfare in Afghanistan, 2001--2014 Hanagan, Deborah author. eBook
DS422 Renunciation and Untouchability in India The Notional and the Empirical in the Caste Order Ramanujam, Srinivasa author. eBook
DS432 The Hindu Sufis of South Asia partition, shrine culture and the Sindhis in India Boivin, Michel, 1955- author. eBook
DS461.5 The lesser-known world of Mughal emperor Jahangir Verma, Som Prakash, 1942- author. eBook
DS482.7 European adventurers in North India : 1750-1803 Pandey, Uma Shanker author. eBook
DS525.8 Mapping ASEAN achieving peace, prosperity, and sustainability in Southeast Asia Carden, David L. author. eBook
DT115 Nile urban histories on the banks of a river AlSayyad, Nezar author. eBook
DT116 The Nile and ancient Egypt changing land- and waterscapes, from the Neolithic to the Roman Era Bunbury, J. author. (Judith) eBook
DT450.435 Post-genocide Rwandan refugees Why They Refuse to Return 'Home': Myths and Realities Yonekawa, Masako. eBook
E183.7 The Battle for U. S. Foreign Policy Congress, Parties, and Factions in the 21st Century Homan, Patrick. eBook
E183.8 America in Afghanistan : foreign policy and decision making from Bush to Obama to Trump Dorani, Sharifullah, author. eBook
E183.8 Israel and the neoconservatives Zionism and American interests Fuller, Adam L., 1977- author. eBook
E183.8 Trump and Iran From Containment to Confrontation. Entessar, Nader. eBook
E183.8 Vietnamization politics, strategy, legacy Anderson, David L., 1946- author. eBook
E184 Black land imperial Ethiopianism and African America Nurhussein, Nadia, 1974- author. eBook
E184 Mixed-race in the US and UK comparing the past, present, and future Sims, Jennifer Patrice author. eBook
E184 Realizing the civil rights dream : diagnosing and treating American racism Bedell, Kenneth B. author. eBook
E185.615 Thinking race social myths and biological realities Goldsby, Richard A. author. eBook
E185.625 Are you entertained? : Black popular culture in the twenty-first century   eBook
E185.86 Black faces, white spaces : reimagining the relationship of African Americans to the great outdoors Finney, Carolyn. eBook
E185.86 Dark matters : on the surveillance of blackness Browne, Simone, 1973- author. eBook
E342 The mind of James Madison : the legacy of Classical Republicanism Sheehan, Colleen A. author. eBook
E467.1 Robert E. Lee and the fall of the Confederacy, 1863-1865 Rafuse, Ethan Sepp, 1968- eBook
E477.61 Jefferson Davis's flight from Richmond the calm morning, Lee's telegrams, the evacuation, the train, the passengers, the trip, the arrival in Danville and the historians' frauds Stewart, John, 1952 March 5- eBook
E907 Rhetorics of race and religion on the Christian Right : Barack Obama and the war on terror Perry, Samuel P. author. eBook
E911 RussiaGate and propaganda disinformation in the age of social media Boyd-Barrett, Oliver author. eBook
F1414 Latin American dictatorships in the era of fascism : the corporatist wave Pinto, António Costa author. eBook
F144 Summer of rage : an oral history of the 1967 Newark and Detroit riots Herman, Max Arthur, 1968- author. eBook
F234 Hidden history of Civil War Williamsburg Hudson, Carson O. author. eBook
G530 The darksome bounds of a failing world the sinking of the "Titanic" and the end of the Edwardian era Russell, Gareth author. eBook
G615 Governing complexity in the Arctic region Landriault, Mathieu author. eBook
GA151 The world of maps : map reading and interpretation for the 21st century Tyner, Judith A., author. eBook
GC741 Oceanographic and biological aspects of the Red Sea   eBook
GE197 Rethinking the American environmental movement post-1945 Spears, Ellen Griffith author. eBook
GE42 Environmental ethics and uncertainty wrestling with wicked problems Bauman, Whitney author. eBook
GN407 The archaeology of food identity, politics, and ideology in the prehistoric and historic past Twiss, Katheryn C. author. eBook
GN409 Cannibalism a perfectly natural history Schutt, Bill, author. eBook
GN502 The Cambridge handeBookof acculturation psychology   eBook
GR530 Witchcraft in colonial Virginia Hudson, Carson O. author. eBook
GT1370 Modern fashion traditions : negotiating tradition and modernity through fashion   eBook
GT1755 Wearing the cheongsam : dress and culture in a Chinese diaspora Sim, Cheryl author. eBook
GT511 Dress and ideology : fashioning identity from antiquity to the present   eBook
GT511 Dress history : new directions in theory and practice   eBook
GT511 Putting on the dog the animal origins of what we wear Kwasny, Melissa, 1954- author. eBook
GV1102 Fighting as real as it gets a micro-sociological encounter Staack, Michael author. eBook
GV1132 No way but to fight George Foreman and the business of boxing Smith, Andrew R. M. author. eBook
GV1469.34 Implications and impacts of eSports on business and society emerging research and opportunities Finch, David J., 1967- author. eBook
GV1472.7 Gender-reveal parties as mediated events celebrating identity in pink and blue Gieseler, Carly, 1978- author. eBook
GV341 Physical education and wellbeing global and holistic approaches to child health Lynch, Timothy author. eBook
GV351 Infractions rule violations, unethical conduct, and enforcement in the NCAA Parkinson, Jerry, 1954- author. eBook
GV573 Sport, democracy and war in classical Athens Pritchard, David, 1970- eBook
GV706.4 Mindfulness and acceptance in sport : how to help athletes perform and thrive under pressure   eBook
GV713 Emerging technologies in sport : implications for sport management   eBook
GV716 Market research methods in the sports industry Šerić, Neven, author. eBook
H61.295 Using narrative inquiry as a research method : an introduction to critical event narrative analysis in research, training and professional practice Mertova, Patricie, 1975- author. eBook
H61.3 Data in Society : Challenging Statistics in an Age of Globalisation   eBook
H62 Qualitative research in practice : examples for discussion and analysis Merriam, Sharan B. author. eBook
H62 Quasi-experimentation : a guide to design and analysis Reichardt, Charles S. author. eBook
H85 The souls of black girls   Projected medium - Electronic
H97 Wellbeing, resilience and sustainability the new trinity of governance Joseph, Jonathan, 1970- author. eBook
HB195 The invisible hand of peace capitalism, the war machine, and international relations theory McDonald, Patrick J., 1973- eBook
HC102.5 Entrepreneurship the Disney way Goldsby, Michael G. author. eBook
HC240 The Marshall Plan : dawn of the Cold War Steil, Benn. eBook
HC427.95 China's Maritime Silk Road initiative and Southeast Asia dilemmas, doubts, and determination   eBook
HC79 A global green new deal : rethinking the economic recovery Barbier, Edward, 1957- eBook
HC79 The future is faster than you think how converging technologies are transforming business, industries, and our lives Diamandis, Peter H. author. eBook
HD2346 State and crafts in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) Moll-Murata, Christine, author. eBook
HD28-70 Management of Uncertainty Theory and Application in the Design of Systems and Organizations Grote, Gudela. author. eBook
HD30.215 Computing predictive analytics, business intelligence, and economics : modeling techniques with startups and incubators   eBook
HD30.215 The analytics lifecycle toolkit : a practical guide for an effective analytics capability Nelson, Gregory S., 1964- author. eBook
HD30.23 Business data science : combining machine learning and economics to optimize, automate, and accelerate business decisions Taddy, Matt, author. eBook
HD30.4 Standing on the shoulders of giants : traditions and innovations in research methodology   eBook
HD38.5 Risk management in supply chains : using linear and non-linear models Heydari, Mohammad author. eBook
HD57.7 The power of mandate : how visionary leaders keep their organization focused on what matters most Stawski, Scott, author. eBook
HD57.7 Who do we choose to be? : facing reality claiming leadership restoring sanity Wheatley, Margaret J., author. eBook
HD58.7 Leadership, communication, and social influence a theory of resonance, activation, and cultivation Ruben, Brent D. author. eBook
HD58.8 Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture Based on the Competing Values Framework Cameron, Kim S. eBook
HD58.9 Organizational systems managing complexity with the viable system model. Espejo, Raul. eBook
HD6055.2 Maternal employment and child health global issues and policy solutions Rodgers, Yana van der Meulen. eBook
HD61 The science of risk analysis foundation and practice Aven, Terje author. eBook
HD62.4 Understanding multinationals from emerging markets   eBook
HD7293 Neighborhood defenders participatory politics and America's housing crisis Einstein, Katherine Levine author. eBook
HE894 The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road : challenges and opportunities for Asia and Europe   eBook
HE9715 Gendered power and mobile technology : intersections in the global South   eBook
HF1111 The purpose of the business school alternative views and implications for the future Miles, Edward W. author. eBook
HF1411 A guide to international economics Mohtadi, Shahruz, author. eBook
HF5387 Honorable business : a framework for business in a just and humane society Otteson, James R., author. eBook
HF5414 Social media marketing strategies in utilizing consumer-generated content Moriuchi, Emi author. eBook
HF5415.153 Frugal innovation and the new product development process : insights from Indonesia Cadeddu, Stephanie B. M. author. eBook
HF5415.32 Consumer behaviour and analytics Smith, Andrew, 1967 March 27- author. eBook
HF5429 Ephemeral retailing pop-up stores in a postmodern consumption era Boustani, Ghalia author. eBook
HF5548.32 Digital asset valuation and cyber risk measurement principles of cybernomics Ruan, Keyun, 1986- author. eBook
HF5548.85 Psychosocial safety climate a new work stress theory   eBook
HF5549 The encyclopedia of human resource management. Rothwell, William J. eBook
HF5549.5 Emotional Workplace Abuse A New Research Approach Penttinen, Elina author. eBook
HF5549.5 Job crafting the art of redesigning a job de Gennaro, Davide. eBook
HF5549.5 The workplace violence prevention handbook Philpott, Don author. eBook
HF5822 Advertising, gender and society : a psychological perspective Zawisza, Magdalena J. author. eBook
HG1616 Mobile banking : evolution or revolution? Nicoletti, Bernardo, author. eBook
HG1710 Fundamentals of smart contract security Ma, Richard, author. eBook
HG285 A new world of gold and silver   eBook
HJ2051 Understanding government budgets a guide to practices in the public service Musell, R. Mark author. eBook
HJ2381 Exploring tax policy to advance population health, health equity, and economic prosperity : proceedings of a workshop Wizemann, Theresa M. rapporteur. eBook
HM1033 The Routledge handeBookof memory and place   eBook
HM1116 Global burden of armed violence 2015 : every body counts   eBook
HM1116 Violence and militants from Ottoman rebellions to jihadist organizations Cayli, Baris, 1984- author. eBook
HM1126 How mediation works resolving conflict through talk Garcia, Angela Cora author. eBook
HM1271 A leftist critique of the principles of identity, diversity, and multiculturalism Anderson-Connolly, Richard author. eBook
HM1271 Melting pot, multiculturalism, and interculturalism the making of majority-minority relations in the United States Montalvo-Barbot, Alfredo author. eBook
HM491 Microsociology a tool kit for interaction analysis Maiwald, Kai-Olaf author. eBook
HM499 The astructural bias charge : myth or reality?   eBook
HM585 The Wiley Blackwell companion to sociology[e-book]   eBook
HM661 Conflict and the social bond peace in modern societies Lianos, Michalis author. eBook
HM711 Psychodynamic organisational theory key concepts and case studies Alsted, Jacob author. eBook
HM742 Mindsharing the art of crowdsourcing everything Zoref, Lior. eBook
HM742 Social media and civic engagement : history, theory, and practice Robertson, Scott P. author. eBook
HM743 Facebook, the media and democracy big tech, small state? Andrews, Leighton author. eBook
HM821 Love's labors : essays on women, equality and dependency Kittay, Eva Feder author. eBook
HM851 Digitized lives : culture, power and social change in the Internet era Reed, T. V. author. (Thomas Vernon) eBook
HM851 Labor in the global digital economy : the cybertariat comes of age Huws, Ursula. eBook
HM851 Rage inside the machine the prejudice of algorithms, and how to stop the internet making bigots of us all Smith, Robert E. 1963- author. (Robert Elliott), eBook
HM851 The future of work, technology, and basic income   eBook
HN18.3 Social policy and the capability approach : concepts, measurements and application Yerkes, Mara, author. eBook
HN49 Power in close relationships   eBook
HN90 American violence : survival, healing, and the failure of American policy Wright, Richard Gordon, 1965- author. eBook
HQ1063.6 Parenting our parents transforming the challenge into a journey of love Frances, Jane Wolf author. eBook
HQ1149 Early modern noblewomen and self-starvation the skull beneath the skin Garwood, Sasha, author. eBook
HQ1155 Globalization and feminist activism Hawkesworth, M. E., 1952- author. eBook
HQ1180 Feminist research in practice   eBook
HQ1190 Feminism is for everybody passionate politics hooks, bell, 1952- author. eBook
HQ1197 Reclaiming our space how Black feminists are changing the world from the tweets to the streets Jones, Feminista, 1979- author. eBook
HQ1206 Small doses Seales, Amanda, 1981- author. eBook
HQ1236.5 Hungry translations relearning the world through radical vulnerability Nagar, Richa author. eBook
HQ1597 The sociology of housework Oakley, Ann. eBook
HQ18 Sex, gender and sexuality in Renaissance Italy   eBook
HQ2042 Subcultures, bodies and spaces : essays on alternativity and maginalization   eBook
HQ21 Understanding threesomes gender, sex, and consensual non-monogamy Scoats, Ryan author. eBook
HQ27 Gender, sex, and sexuality among contemporary youth : generation sex   eBook
HQ29 Women, sex, and madness notes from the edge Fahs, Breanne author. eBook
HQ75.15 Queer Literacies Discourses and Discontents. McBeth, Mark. eBook
HQ77.95 Terrorizing gender transgender visibility and the surveillance practices of the U.S. security state Fischer, Mia author. eBook
HQ783 Intersections of financial literacy, citizenship, and spirituality examining a forbidden frontier of social education Lucey, Thomas A. author. eBook
HQ799.2 Growing up America youth and politics since 1945   eBook
HQ799.2 Urban youth trauma using community intervention to overcome gun violence Delgado, Melvin author. eBook
HT165.5 Five rules for tomorrow's cities design in an age of urban migration, demographic change, and a disappearing middle class Condon, Patrick M. author. eBook
HT166 Ecologically-compatible urban planning designing a healthier environment Salata, Stefano, author. eBook
HT166 The Routledge handeBookof urban resilience   eBook
HT241 Data-driven multivalence in the built environment   eBook
HT330 International handeBookof globalization and world cities   eBook
HT388 Towards coastal resilience and sustainability   eBook
HT391 Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies for coastal communities   eBook
HT391 Coastal zones solutions for the 21st century   eBook
HT391 Environmental planning for oceans and coasts methods, tools and technologies Portman, Michelle Eva, author. eBook
HT391 Sustainable coastal design and planning   eBook
HT391 Tomorrow's coasts complex and impermanent   eBook
HT867 Slaves among us the hidden world of human trafficking Villa, Monique, 1948- author. eBook
HV1451 Resilience and ageing creativity, culture and community   eBook
HV1553 Disability and U.S. politics participation, policy, and controversy   eBook
HV1568 Human rights, disability, and capabilities Riddle, Christopher A. author. eBook
HV4010 Tell me how it ends : an essay in forty questions Luiselli, Valeria, 1983- author. eBook
HV530 Tearfund and the quest for faith-based development Freeman, Dena author. eBook
HV551.2 Preparing for disaster : building household and community capacity Paton, Douglas. eBook
HV5822 Marijuana : examining the facts Van Gundy, Karen, author. eBook
HV6024.5 Interviewing elites, experts and the powerful in criminology Petintseva, Olga author. eBook
HV6025 Crime and criminality social, psychological, and neurobiological explanations Boyanowsky, Ehor, 1943- author. eBook
HV6080 Understanding criminal behaviour psychosocial perspectives on criminality and violence Jones, David W. 1964- author. (David Wyn), eBook
HV6250.25 Revisiting the 'ideal victim' : developments in critical victimology   eBook
HV6252 Transnational organized crime and natural resources trafficking funding conflict and stealing from the world's most vulnerable citizens Liddick, Don. eBook
HV6431 Why terrorist groups form international alliances Bacon, Tricia author. eBook
HV6432 Terrorist Recruitment of U.S. Gangs Global Criminal Alliances and Biological Weapons Dones, D. Darell, author. eBook
HV6433 Social media and the Islamic State can public relations succeed where conventional diplomacy failed? Minty, Ella author. eBook
HV6439 Gangs and the military gangsters, bikers, and terrorists with military training Smith, Carter F. author. eBook
HV6548 Deaths of despair and the future of capitalism Case, Anne, 1958- author. eBook
HV6592 The victim's voice in the sexual misconduct crisis identity, credibility, and proof Schuster, Mary Lay author. eBook
HV6593 Gender, power and sexual abuse in the Pacific : Rev. Simpson's 'improper liberties' Manktelow, Emily J. author. eBook
HV6773 Cybercrime and digital deviance Graham, Roderick, 1975- author. eBook
HV6773.15 Cyberbullying across the globe : gender, family, and mental health   eBook
HV6773.54 Rhetoric, race, religion, and the Charleston shootings was blind but now I see   eBook
HV7436 Shots fired gun violence in the United States Rahtz, Howard author. eBook
HV7436 Warped narratives distortion in the framing of gun policy Merry, Melissa K. author. eBook
HV8141 Police use of excessive force against African Americans historical antecedents and community perceptions Robertson, Ray Von author. eBook
HV8688 Restorative and responsive human services   eBook
HV8706 Prestige television and prison in the age of mass incarceration a wall rise up Bryan, Victoria M. author. eBook
HV9104 A handeBookfor evidence-based juvenile justice systems Howell, James C. author. eBook
HV9950 Black males and the criminal justice system   eBook
HX86 Schumpeter's capitalism, socialism and democracy : a twenty-first-century update   eBook
JC311 Nationalism on the Internet : critical theory and ideology in the age of social media and fake news Fuchs, Christian, 1976- author. eBook
JC330.15 Advancing the common good strategies for business, governments, and nonprofits Kotler, Philip author. eBook
JC337 Critical theory in the twenty-first century Schecter, Darrow. eBook
JC423 Post-truth, fake news and democracy mapping the politics of falsehood Farkas, Johan author. eBook
JC573.2 Shadow network media, money, and the secret hub of the radical right Nelson, Anne, 1954- author. eBook
JC596 Making surveillance states transnational histories   eBook
JC73 Conflict in ancient Greece and Rome : the definitive political, social, and military encyclopedia   eBook
JK1319 Opting out of Congress : partisan polarization and the decline of moderate candidates Thomsen, Danielle M., author. eBook
JK1846 The embattled vote in America : from the founding to the present Lichtman, Allan J. author. eBook
JK1994 Democracy in danger how hackers and activists exposed fatal flaws in the election system Braun, Jake author. eBook
JK2265 The long war over party structure democratic representation and policy responsiveness in American politics Shafer, Byron E. author. eBook
JK2281 Get out the vote how to increase voter turnout Green, Donald P., 1961- author. eBook
JK421 Making government work the promises and pitfalls of performance-informed management Barrett, Katherine, 1954- author. eBook
JK468 The death of public integrity Roberts, Robert North author. eBook
JK511 The glory and the burden the American presidency from FDR to Trump Schmuhl, Robert P., 1948- author. eBook
JQ1519 Why communist China isn't collapsing the CCP's battle for survival and state-society dynamics in the post-reform era Sun, Feng author. eBook
JQ229 Combating corruption in India Verma, Arvind author. eBook
JV4011 The Spanish empire : a historical encyclopedia   eBook
JV6346 Refugees' roles in resolving displacement and building peace : beyond beneficiaries   eBook
JZ1253 Foreign Policy Analysis Classic and Contemporary Theory Hudson, Valerie M., 1958- eBook
JZ1318 In defense of globalism Rohac, Dalibor, 1983- author. eBook
JZ1480 The ambassadors America's diplomats on the front lines Richter, Paul author. (Paul R.), eBook
JZ1480 U.S. democracy promotion in the Arab world beyond interests vs. ideals Boduszyński, Mieczysław P., 1974- author. eBook
JZ4841 Making aid agencies work reconnecting INGOs with the people they serve Gibson, Terry author. eBook
JZ5538 Negotiating intractable conflicts readiness theory revisited Amira Schiff. Schiff, Amira author. eBook
JZ5538 Policy and governance in post-conflict settings theory and practice Tat, Puthsodary author. eBook
JZ5595 A century of crisis and conflict in the international system theory and evidence : intellectual odyssey III Brecher, Michael author. eBook
K2000 Producing reproductive rights : determining abortion policy worldwide Sommer, Udi author. eBook
K3258 Constitutions and religious freedom Cross, Frank B. author. eBook
KF2915 Law for nurse leaders Grant, Paula DiMeo, author. eBook
KF3812 Lessons from the Clean Air Act building durability and adaptability into US climate and energy policy   eBook
KF4558 The Fourteenth Amendment and the Privileges and Immunities of American Citizenship Lash, Kurt T. author. eBook
KF4754.5 Normal life : administrative violence, critical trans politics, and the limits of law Spade, Dean, 1977- author. eBook
KF4758 Equal means equal : why the time for an equal rights amendment is now Neuwirth, Jessica, author. eBook
KF4783 The distinctiveness of religion in American law rethinking religious clause jurisprudence Brady, Kathleen A., author. eBook
KF9685 How do judges decide? the search for fairness and justice in punishment Spohn, Cassia. eBook
KF9756 Wrongful convictions and the DNA revolution : twenty-five years of freeing the innocent   eBook
KG3552 The rule of law in Central America : citizens' reactions to crime and punishment Malone, Mary Fran T. eBook
KJE3954 Injunctions against intermediaries in the European Union : accountable but not liable? Husovec, Martin, author. eBook
KJE5105 Globalisation and governance : international problems, European solutions   eBook
LA128 Dewey, Heidegger, and the future of education beyondness and becoming D'Agnese, Vasco author. eBook
LA21 Education in the marketplace an intellectual history of pro-market libertarian visions for education in twentieth century America Currie-Knight, Kevin, author. eBook
LA229 The new student activists the rise of neoactivism on college campuses Conner, Jerusha Osberg author. eBook
LA385 An Appalachian school in coal country facing the challenges of a changing region Huffman, Terry E., 1958- eBook
LA722 Education as a lifelong process the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS)   eBook
LB1027 An education crisis is a terrible thing to waste how radical changes can spark student excitement and success   eBook
LB1027.23 21st century skills development through inquiry-based learning : from theory to practice Chu, Samuel author. (Samuel Kai Wah) eBook
LB1028.3 Culture, learning and technology : research and practice   eBook
LB1028.3 Design in educational technology : design thinking, design process, and the design studio   eBook
LB1028.3 HandeBookof research on educational communications and technology   eBook
LB1028.3 Technology segregation disrupting racist frameworks in early childhood education Tager, Miriam B. author. eBook
LB1028.43-1028.75 Blended Learning: Educational Innovation for Personalized Learning 12th International Conference, ICBL 2019, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, July 2-4, 2019, Proceedings   eBook
LB1028.5 Going online : perspectives on digital learning Ubell, Robert (Vice dean of online learning), author. eBook
LB1028.5 Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age principles and practices of design   eBook
LB1029 Aesthetics and design for game-based learning Dickey, Michele D. eBook
LB1029 Documenting learning with ePortfolios : a guide for college instructors Light, Tracy Penny, 1970- eBook
LB1051 Reconstructing agency in developmental and educational psychology inclusive systems as concentric space Downes, Paul, 1970- author. eBook
LB1060 Advances in cognitive load theory : rethinking teaching   eBook
LB1060 Mindsets in the classroom : building a culture of success and student achievement in schools Ricci, Mary Cay, 1960- eBook
LB1060 Upgrade your teaching understanding by design meets neuroscience McTighe, Jay author. eBook
LB1060.2 Building positive behavior support systems in schools : functional behavioral assessment Crone, Deanne A. eBook
LB1065 Motivation in education at a time of global change : theory, research, and implications for practice   eBook
LB1068 Visual Literacy Reading, Thinking, and Communicating with Visuals Newman, Mark. eBook
LB1072 Mindfulness in the classroom strategies for promoting concentration, compassion, and calm Armstrong, Thomas author. eBook
LB1137 Rethinking play as pedagogy   eBook
LB1139.23 Developing thinking and understanding in young children an introduction for students Robson, Sue author. eBook
LB1139.23 Family involvement in early education and child care   eBook
LB1139.25 Addressing challenging behaviors and mental health issues in early childhood Bayat, Mojdeh author. eBook
LB1139.35 Exploring key issues in early childhood and technology : evolving perspectives and innovative approaches   eBook
LB1139.5 Breaking the STEM stereotype reaching girls in early childhood Sullivan, Amanda author. (Amanda Alzena) eBook
LB1139.5 Creative investigations in early art Eckhoff, Angela, 1974- author. eBook
LB1140.5 Preschool beyond walls blending early childhood education and nature-based learning Larimore, Rachel author, photographer. eBook
LB14.7 An archaeology of educational evaluation epistemological spaces and political paradoxes Grimaldi, Emiliano author. eBook
LB14.7 The Person in the Mirror Education and the Search for Self and Meaning Goens, George A., author. eBook
LB14.7 Wild pedagogies touchstones for re-negotiating education and the environment in the Anthropocene   eBook
LB14.7 Zygmunt Bauman on education in liquid modernity Best, Shaun author. eBook
LB1573.3 Making sense of phonics the hows and whys Beck, Isabel L. author. eBook
LB1573.7 Empowering readers integrated strategies to comprehend expository texts Hoch, Mary L. author. eBook
LB1574.5 Word journeys : assessment-guided phonics, spelling, and vocabulary instruction Ganske, Kathy. eBook
LB1590.5 Dynamic perspectives on creativity new directions for theory, research, and practice in education   eBook
LB1631 Assessing English for professional purposes Knoch, Ute author. eBook
LB1631 Secondary English teacher education in the United States Pasternak, Donna L. author. eBook
LB1778 Confronting academic mobbing in higher education personal accounts and administrative action   eBook
LB1778 The missing course : everything they never taught you about college teaching Gooblar, David author. eBook
LB215 The Wiley handeBookof family, school, and community relationships in education   eBook
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LB2322.2 Knowledge and the university re-claiming life Barnett, Ronald, 1947- author. eBook
LB2326.3 Big data and learning analytics in higher education : current theory and practice   eBook
LB2328.15 Community Colleges as Economic Engines Christophersen, Kjell A. author. (Kjell Arne) eBook
LB2340.2 Student debt : rhetoric and realities of higher education financing Baum, Sandy author. (Sandra R.), eBook
LB2341 Shared governance a more meaningful approach in higher education Rettig, Perry Richard author. eBook
LB2353.62 Learning in the fast lane the past, present, and future of advanced placement Finn, Chester E., Jr., 1944- author. eBook
LB2376 50 years of US study abroad students Japan as the gateway to Asia and beyond Asada, Sarah R. author. eBook
LB2806 Exploring the affective dimensions of educational leadership psychoanalytic and arts-based methods Farrell, Alysha J. author. eBook
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LB2822.8 Asking the right questions a guide to continuous improvement with stakeholder input Silberman, Stu, author. eBook
LB2822.82 In search of deeper learning : the quest to remake the American high school Mehta, Jal author. eBook
LB2844.1 Retaining new teachers how do I support and develop novice teachers? Harris, Bryan (Teacher), author. eBook
LB3012 Effective discipline policies how to create a system that supports young children's social-emotional competence Longstreth, Sascha author. eBook
LB3013.3 Born with a spirit of protest giving children a voice of importance Carpenter, Craig author. eBook
LB3013.3 Impacts of cyberbullying, building social and emotional resilience in schools Chadwick, Sharlene author. eBook
LB3063 The evolution of deficit thinking educational thought and practice   eBook
LB3081 Managing school attendance : successful intervention strategies for reducing truancy Reid, Ken. eBook
LB3205 School spaces for student wellbeing and learning insights from research and practice   eBook
LB880 Thinking about the teaching of thinking the Feuerstein approach Howie, Dorothy R. 1945- author. (Dorothy Ruth), eBook
LC1043 The Wiley handeBookof vocational education and training   eBook
LC1090 Internationalization and employability in higher education   eBook
LC1099 Cultural journeys in higher education : student voices and narratives Bamford, Jan, author. eBook
LC1200 Artificial Intelligence and Inclusive Education Speculative Futures and Emerging Practices   eBook
LC1200 Educators for diverse classrooms a case study approach to equity and inclusion in education Śarmā, Manu author. eBook
LC1200 Leading schools with unique populations an international perspective on school leadership   eBook
LC1201 Collaborative teaming King-Sears, Margaret E. author. eBook
LC1203 Achieving inclusive education in the Caribbean and beyond from philosophy to praxis   eBook
LC191 Youth studies in transition culture, generation and new learning processes Johansson, Thomas, author. eBook
LC212.42 Teaching race : how to help students unmask and challenge racism Brookfield, Stephen, author. eBook
LC213 Education as a human right : principles for a universal entitlement to learning McCowan, Tristan, 1974- eBook
LC220.5 Integrating service-learning and consulting in distance education Germain, Marie-Line author. eBook
LC220.5 Service-learning through community engagement : what community partners and members gain, lose, and learn from campus collaborations Gardinier, Lori, author. eBook
LC2343 Decision making for student success : behavioral insights to improve college access and persistence   eBook
LC238.4 University-community relations in the UK engaging universities Kagan, Carolyn author. eBook
LC2576 Equity and internationalization on campus : intersecting or colliding discourses for LGBTQ people? Jubas, Kaela author. eBook
LC2580.6 Implementing student-athlete programming : a guide for supporting college athletes Navarro, Kristina M. author. eBook
LC2717 We want to do more than survive abolitionist teaching and the pursuit of educational freedom Love, Bettina L., 1979- author. eBook
LC3727 Examining effective practices at minority-serving institutions beyond a deficit framing of leadership   eBook
LC3965 Family, school, and community partnerships for students with disabilities   eBook
LC4069.6 Former foster youth in postsecondary education reaching higher Gross, Jacob P. K. author. eBook
LC4580 Working with traumatic brain injury in schools : transition, assessment, and intervention Jantz, Paul B. author. eBook
LC46.8 Educational alternatives in Latin America new modes of counter-hegemonic learning   eBook
LC4812 Strategies for fostering inclusive classrooms in higher education : international perspectives on equity and inclusion   eBook
LC89 Creating space for democracy a primer on dialogue and deliberation in higher education   eBook
LC990 Developing the Whole Student New Horizons for Holistic Education Mayes, Clifford author. eBook
ML410 Gustav Mahler's symphonic landscapes Peattie, Thomas Allan, 1967- eBook
ML410 The lives of George Frideric Handel Hunter, David, 1954- eBook
ML419 Earl Scruggs and Foggy mountain breakdown the making of an American classic Goldsmith, Thomas, 1952- author. eBook
MT1 A pedagogy of creation teaching students to communicate through music Kaddouch, Robert, author. eBook
NA281 The Parthenon enigma Connelly, Joan Breton, 1954- author. eBook
P121 Philosophy's treason studies in philosophy and translation   eBook
P158.28 Externalization phonological interpretations of syntactic objects Dobashi, Yoshihito author. eBook
P165 Cognitive linguistics.   eBook
P291 The grammar network how linguistic structure is shaped by language use Diessel, Holger author. eBook
P302.8 Discourse and psychology an introduction Sharma, Saumya author. eBook
P302.8 Mind, brain and narrative Sanford, A. J. (Anthony J.) eBook
P306.5 Global trends in translator and interpreter training : mediation and culture   eBook
P325.5 Open compositionality towards a new methodology of language García Ramírez, Eduardo author. eBook
P35.5 Language, migration, and identity : neighborhood talk in Indonesia Goebel, Zane. eBook
P53.855 Digital language learning and teaching : research, theory, and practice   eBook
P94 Media psychology 101 Ferguson, Christopher J. author. eBook
P94.6 Understanding Intercultural Interaction An Analysis of Key Concepts Fitzpatrick, Frank. eBook
P94.6 You are what you read why changing your media diet can change the world Jackson, Jodie, author. eBook
P95 Fundamentals of the speech and language sciences Culbertson, William R., author. eBook
P95.8 Convergent media and privacy Dwyer, Tim, author. eBook
P96 Graphic violence illustrated theories about violence, popular media, and our social lives Edwards, Emily D. author. eBook
P96 Propaganda in the information age : still manufacturing consent   eBook
P96 Tracking classical monsters in popular culture Gloyn, Liz author. eBook
P99.4 Corpus pragmatics : a handeBook   eBook
P99.63 Emoticons, kaomoji, and emoji : the transformation of communication in the digital age   eBook
PC2111 A reference grammar of French Batchelor, R. E. (Ronald Ernest) eBook
PE1066 English for vocational purposes : language use in trades education Coxhead, Averil author. eBook
PE1137 Musical intelligence and its impact on English pronunciation skills in the process of second language acquisition Kusz, Ewa, 1987- author. eBook
PE1404 Digital reading and writing in composition studies   eBook
PE2403 Orality in written texts using historical corpora to investigate Irish English 1700-1900 Moreno, Carolina P. Amador author. eBook
PE2807 The rules of the game a guide to writing in standard English Skerry, Philip J. author. eBook
PE64 American gadfly the intellectual odyssey of Paul Fussell Gray, Ronald R, 1957- author. eBook
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PN1993.5 The legacy of the new wave in French cinema Morrey, Douglas author. eBook
PN1996 Reading and writing a screenplay : fiction, documentary and new media Raynauld, Isabelle author. eBook
PN1997 Not My Life the global impact of human trafficking and modern slavery   Projected medium - Electronic
PN3340 Without the novel romance and the history of prose fiction Black, Scott, 1964- author. eBook
PN3435 Young adult fantasy fiction conventions, originality, reproducibility Wilkins, Kim author. eBook
PN3491 When novels were books Stein, Jordan Alexander author. eBook
PN3504 The market logics of contemporary fiction Crosthwaite, Paul, 1980- author. eBook
PN4151 Acts of poetry American poets' theater and the politics of performance Bean, Heidi R. author. eBook
PN4731 Mechanisms of trust news media in democratic and authoritarian regimes Müller, Jan (Market research analyst) eBook
PN4784 Detecting fake news on social media Shu, Kai author. eBook
PN4784 Fake news nation the long history of lies and misinterpretations in America Cortada, James W. author. eBook
PN4874 Race against time a reporter reopens the unsolved murder cases of the civil rights era Mitchell, Jerry author. eBook
PN4878.3 Ephemeral bibelots how an international fad buried American modernism Evans, Brad, 1968- author. eBook
PN56 A history of the modernist novel   eBook
PN56 Blue notes jazz, literature, & loneliness Reese, Sam V. H. author. eBook
PN56 End of life communication stories from the dead zone Davis, Christine S. author. eBook
PN56 The unexpected narrative temporality and the philosophy of surprise Currie, Mark, 1962- author. eBook
PN56 Unfit Jewish degeneration and modernism Reizbaum, Marilyn author. eBook
PN56.5 Education and the female superhero slayers, cyborgs, sorority sisters, and schoolteachers Grunzke, Andrew L. author. eBook
PN6714 Disability in comic books and graphic narratives   eBook
PN871 COMPARING THE LITERATURES literary studies in a global age. Damrosch, David. eBook
PN98 Thinking design through literature Yelavich, Susan author. eBook
PR2894 The truth about William Shakespeare : fact, fiction and modern biographies Ellis, David, 1939- eBook
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PS153 African American novels in the Black lives matter era transgressive performativity of Black vulnerability as praxis in everyday life Demirtürk, Emine Lâle author. eBook
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PS3554 The self-reflexive art of Don DeLillo Herren, Graley author. eBook
PS3557 In the heart of the heart of the country and other stories Gass, William H., 1924-2017. eBook
PS3561 Still life with insects Kiteley, Brian. eBook
PS3566 Time and vision machines in Thomas Pynchon`s novels Misztal, Arkadiusz author. eBook
PS3568 Joanna Russ Jones, Gwyneth A. author. eBook
PS3610 Classified as murder James, Miranda. eBook
PS3610 File M for Murder James, Miranda. eBook
PS3616 The last thing you surrender Pitts, Leonard author. eBook
PS374 American utopia literature, society, and the human use of human beings Swirski, Peter, 1966- author. eBook
PS374 The rise and fall of American science fiction, from the 1920s to the 1960s Westfahl, Gary author. eBook
PS819 The field of imagination Thomas Paine and eighteenth-century poetry Cleary, Scott author. eBook
Q125 The Oxford illustrated history of science   eBook
Q162 Freedom and Evolution Hierarchy in Nature, Society and Science Bejan, Adrian. eBook
Q172.5 Science on the ropes decline of scientific culture in the era of fake news Elías, Carlos author. eBook
Q183.9 Data-driven modeling & scientific computation methods for complex systems & big data Kutz, Jose Nathan author. eBook
Q223 Ethics and practice in science communication   eBook
Q223 Theory and best practices in science communication training Newman, Todd P. eBook
Q295 Modelling and performance analysis of cyclic systems   eBook
Q334-342 Towards a Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence Boddington, Paula. author. eBook
Q335 Artificial intelligence rise of the lightspeed learners Jennings, Charles, 1948- author. eBook
QA21 Calculus reordered a history of the big ideas Bressoud, David M., 1950- author. eBook
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QA27 100 years of math milestones the Pi Mu Epsilon centennial collection Garcia, Stephan Ramon author. eBook
QA273 Ten great ideas about chance Diaconis, Persi author. eBook
QA274.23 Stochastic stability of differential equations in abstract spaces Liu, Kai, 1964- author. eBook
QA278.7 Analysis of integrated data   eBook
QA279.4 Applied Decision-Making Applications in Computer Sciences and Engineering   eBook
QA297.4 Discrete mathematical structures a succinct foundation Kumar, B. V. Senthil author. eBook
QA320 Functional operators. Von Neumann, John, 1903-1957 author. eBook
QA320 Functional operators. Von Neumann, John, 1903-1957. eBook
QA374 Partial differential equations in fluid mechanics   eBook
QA39.3 Recent progress and modern challenges in applied mathematics, modeling and computational science   eBook
QA402.35 Robotic manipulators and vehicles control, estimation and filtering Rigatos, Gerasimos G., 1971- author. eBook
QA431 Difference equations, discrete dynamical systems and applications ICDEA 23, Timişoara, Romania, July 24-28 2017 International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications Timişoara, Romania) 2017 : (23rd : eBook
QA431 Integral Methods in Science and Engineering Analytic Treatment and Numerical Approximations International Conference on Integral Methods in Science and Engineering Brighton, England) 2018 : (15th : eBook
QA567.2 The computational and theoretical aspects of elliptic curves   eBook
QA611 Continuous geometry Von Neumann, John, 1903-1957 author. eBook
QA614.86 Chaos and dynamical systems Feldman, David P. author. eBook
QA685 Beyond hyperbolicity   eBook
QA75.5 Advances in decision sciences, image processing, security and computer vision International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering (ICETE). International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Hyderabad, India). 2019 : (1st : eBook
QA76.6 Learning programming using MATLAB Sayood, Khalid. eBook
QA76.642 Hands-on graphic processing units programming with Python and CUDA explore high-performance parallel computing with CUDA Tuomanen, Brian, author. eBook
QA76.73 Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow concepts, tools, and techniques to build intelligent systems Géron, Aurélien author. eBook
QA76.73 Python Parallel Programming CookeBookOver 70 Recipes to Solve Challenges in Multithreading and Distributed System with Python 3 Zaccone, Giancarlo. eBook
QA76.73 Think complexity complexity science and computational modeling Downey, Allen author. eBook
QA76.73 Think data structures : algorithms and information retrieval in Java Downey, Allen, author. eBook
QA76.758 Computational statistics and mathematical modeling methods in intelligent systems Proceedings of 3rd Computational Methods in Systems and Software 2019. Computational Methods in Systems and Software Online) 2019 : (3rd : eBook
QA76.76 Understanding Information From the Big Bang to Big Data   eBook
QA76.9 Advances in visualization and optimization techniques for multidisciplinary research trends in modelling and simulations for engineering applications International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting (2016) eBook
QA76.9 Blockchain technology in Internet of Things Zhu, Liehuang author. eBook
QA76.9 Design and the digital divide : insights from 40 years in computer support for older and disabled people Newell, A. F. (Alan F.) eBook
QA76.9 Emerging cyber threats and cognitive vulnerabilities   eBook
QA76.9 HandeBookof augmented reality Furht, Borivoje. eBook
QA76.9 Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Designing Learning Experiences 6th International Conference, LCT 2019, Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019, Orlando, FL, USA, July 26-31, 2019, Proceedings, Part I   eBook
QA76.9 Mining text data   eBook
QA76.9 Practical Cryptography in Python Learning Correct Cryptography by Example Nielson, Seth James. eBook
QA76.9 Theory of modeling and simulation discrete event and iterative system computational foundations Zeigler, Bernard P., 1940- author. eBook
QA76.9 Usable security : history, themes, and challenges Garfinkel, Simson, author. eBook
QA802 Emergence and expansion of pre-classical mechanics   eBook
QA9.54 Proof complexity Krajíček, Jan author. eBook
QA93 The mathematics of everyday life Posamentier, Alfred S. author. eBook
QB281 Geodetic time series analysis in earth sciences   eBook
QB331 On gravity a brief tour of a weighty subject Zee, A., author. eBook
QB44.3 Rare astronomical sights and sounds Powell, Jonathan author. eBook
QB44.3 The cosmic mystery tour : a high-speed journey through space & time Mee, Nicholas, author. eBook
QB581 The Moon Leatherbarrow, William J. author. eBook
QB756 The Puchezh-Katunki Impact Crater geology and origin   eBook
QB81 Observatories and telescopes of modern times : ground-based optical and radio astronomy facilities since 1945 Leverington, David, 1941- eBook
QB981 How the universe works introduction to modern cosmology Parnovsky, Serge author. eBook
QC145.2 Computational modelling of bifurcations and instabilities in fluid dynamics   eBook
QC16 Newton the alchemist science, enigma, and the quest for nature's "secret fire" Newman, William R., 1955- author. eBook
QC173.55 The elements of relativity Wittman, David M., author. eBook
QC173.59 The emergence of spacetime in string theory Vistarini, Tiziana author. eBook
QC176 The second kind of impossible the extraordinary quest for a new form of matter Steinhardt, Paul J. author. eBook
QC176.8 Electronic structure calculations on graphics processing units from quantum chemistry to condensed matter physics   eBook
QC688 Laser filamentation mathematical methods and models   eBook
QC689.5 Femtosecond laser filamentation Chin, See Leang. eBook
QC793.26 Atom land a guided tour through the strange (and impossibly small) world of particle physics Butterworth, Jon, author. eBook
QC806 The universe as it really is Earth, space, matter, and time Scott, Thomas R. author. eBook
QC879.8 The legacy of carbon dioxide past and present impacts Karol, Paul J. author. eBook
QC903 Climate Change and Renewable Energy How to End the Climate Crisis. Bush, Martin J. eBook
QC903 Political responsibility for climate change ethical institutions and fact-sensitive theory Scavenius, Theresa author. eBook
QC903.2 Culture, space and climate change vulnerability and resilience in European coastal areas Heimann, Thorsten author. eBook
QC903.2 Resilient policies in Asian cities adaptation to climate change and natural disasters   eBook
QC925.6 Spatial-temporal rainfall variability and its relationship with sea surface temperature over Western Oromia Alandu, Kefiyalew, author. eBook
QC981.7 Urban adaptation to climate change the role of urban form in mediating rising temperatures Shandas, Vivek author. eBook
QD181 Hot carbon carbon-14 and a revolution in science Marra, John F. author. eBook
QD411 Oxidation of C-H bonds Lu, Wenjun, 1966- author. eBook
QD461 Wonders of water the hydrogen bond in action Olovsson, Ivar, 1928- author. eBook
QD467 Elemental how the periodic table can now explain (nearly) everything James, Tim (Chemistry teacher) author. eBook
QD469 Theory and applications of the empirical valence bond approach from physical chemistry to chemical biology   eBook
QD505 Single-atom catalysis a forthcoming revolution in chemistry Pagliaro, Mario, 1969- author. eBook
QD96 Solid-state NMR basic principles & practice Apperley, David C. eBook
QE26.3 Human geoscience   eBook
QE283 The geology of Iberia a geodynamic approach.   eBook
QE328 The geology of Egypt   eBook
QE511.44 Andean tectonics   eBook
QE516 Geochemistry of chromium in the Earth's mantle Matrosova, Ekaterina A., author. eBook
QE601 Structural geological atlas   eBook
QE615.5 Arabian plate and surroundings geology, sedimentary basins and georesources   eBook
QE653.3 The Archaean geology of the Kaapvaal Craton, Southern Africa   eBook
QE711.3 Paleoaesthetics and the practice of paleontology Turner, Derek D. 1974- author. (Derek Donald), eBook
QH198 Endangered species and fragile ecosystems in the South China Sea The Philippines v. China arbitration Robles, Alfredo C., Jr. author. eBook
QH324.2 Data processing handeBookfor complex biological data sources   eBook
QH325 Universe in creation a new understanding of the big bang and the emergence of life Gould, Roy, 1947- author. eBook
QH366.2 From stars to brains milestones in the planetary evolution of life and intelligence Glikson, A. Y. author. eBook
QH371.3 Modeling evolution of heterogeneous populations theory and applications Kareva, Irina author. eBook
QH438.7 Altered inheritance CRISPR and the ethics of human genome editing Baylis, Françoise, 1961- author. eBook
QH442.6 DNA Traffic in the Environment   eBook
QH491 Frontiers in developmental biology   eBook
QH528.5 Lifespan why we age--and why we don't have to Sinclair, David author. (David A.) eBook
QH541.5 The Ecology and Natural History of Chilean Saltmarshes   eBook
QH581.2 Cytopathology review Fan, Fang author. eBook
QH585 Cytopreparation principles & practice Gill, Gary W. eBook
QH623 Cellular adhesion in development and disease   eBook
QH84.5 Tropical ecosystems structure, functions and challenges in the face of global change   eBook
QH91.8 Interactions in the marine benthos global patterns and processes   eBook
QK566 Slime how algae created us, plague us, and just might save us Kassinger, Ruth author. eBook
QK911 The nature of plant communities Wilson, J. Bastow author. eBook
QK938 Evolution in isolation the search for an island syndrome in plants Burns, Kevin C., 1970- author. eBook
QK99 Ethnobotany application of medicinal plants   eBook
QL673 Birds in winter surviving the most challenging season Pasquier, Roger F. author. eBook
QM481 Skin barrier function   eBook
QP105 Cardiovascular Hemodynamics An Introductory Guide   eBook
QP188 Toxic cocktail how chemical pollution is poisoning our brains Demeneix, Barbara. eBook
QP33.6 How to walk on water and climb up walls animal movement and the robots of the future Hu, David L. author. eBook
QP360 HandeBookof medical neuropsychology applications of cognitive neuroscience   eBook
QP363.2 Neuroglia in neurodegenerative diseases   eBook
QP376 Cognitive changes and the aging brain   eBook
QP409 Motivation : theory, neurobiology and applications   eBook
QP517 Reversible ligand binding theory and experiment Bellelli, Andrea, 1958- author. eBook
QR360 Virus as populations composition, complexity, quasispecies, dynamics, and biological implications Domingo, Esteban author. eBook
QR47 Oral mucosal immunity and microbiome International Conference on Oral Mucosal Immunity and the Microbiome Chania, Greece) 2018 : (1st : eBook
R1 Introduction to advanced nursing practice an international focus Schober, Madrean author. eBook
R726.8 Hospice palliative home care and bereavement support nursing interventions and supportive care   eBook
R838 Framing health care instruction an information literacy handeBookfor the health sciences   eBook
R855.3 Incorporating the internet of things in healthcare applications and wearable devices   eBook
R856 Bioinspired devices emulating nature's assembly and repair process Goldfield, Eugene Curtis author. eBook
R856 Computational Modeling in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics Filipovic, Nenad, 1970- eBook
R857 Chemical nanoscience and nanotechnology : new materials and modern techniques   eBook
R895 Advanced practice and leadership in radiology nursing   eBook
RA399 Data for nurses understanding and using data to optimize care delivery in hospitals   eBook
RA418.5 HandeBookfor culturally competent care Purnell, Larry D. author. eBook
RA564.85 Becoming a woman and mother in Greco-Roman Egypt : women's bodies, society and domestic space Nifosì, Ada author. eBook
RA564.85 Women's health advocacy : rhetorical ingenuity for the 21st century   eBook
RA638 The clinician's vaccine safety resource guide optimizing prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases across the lifespan Dudley, Matthew Z. author. eBook
RA638 Vaccinophobia and vaccine controversies of the 21st century   eBook
RA645 Epidemiology of diabetes Moin, Jahangir, author. eBook
RA971 Essentials of management and leadership in public health   eBook
RB112.5 Medical biochemistry Blanco, Antonio. eBook
RB25 Atlas of cytopathology and radiology   eBook
RB25 Molecular cytopathology   eBook
RB43.7 Molecular diagnostics   eBook
RC113.3 Nuclear medicine in infectious diseases   eBook
RC1220 CTE, media, and the NFL framing a public health crisis as a football epidemic Bell, Travis R. author. eBook
RC280 Modern soft tissue pathology : tumors and non-neoplastic conditions   eBook
RC280 Targeted therapies in lung cancer management strategies for nurses and practitioners   eBook
RC440 Advanced practice psychiatric nursing : integrating psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and complementary and alternative approaches across the life span   eBook
RC440 Nursing skills for children and young people's mental health   eBook
RC451.4 Mental health care in the college community   eBook
RC454.4 Comorbidity symptoms, conditions, behavior and treatments   eBook
RC455.4 Clinical handeBookof transcultural infant mental health   eBook
RC467 The Cambridge handeBookof the intellectual history of psychology   eBook
RC480.5 Person-centred care in psychiatry self-relational, contextual, and normative perspectives Glas, Gerrit, 1954- author. eBook
RC480.5 Therapy in the age of neuroscience a guide for counsellors and therapists Afford, Peter author. eBook
RC480.8 Vicarious trauma and disaster mental health : understanding risks and promoting resilience   eBook
RC489 Equine-assisted psychotherapy and coaching an evidence-based framework Liefooghe, Andreas author. eBook
RC489 Expressive therapies continuum a framework for using art in therapy Hinz, Lisa D. author. eBook
RC489 Prose fiction : an introduction to the semiotics of narrative Ribo, Ignasi, author. eBook
RC489 Theory and practice of online therapy: Internet-delivered interventions for individuals, groups, families, and organizations   eBook
RC521 Enabling people with dementia understanding and implementing person-centred care Hobson, Pat author. eBook
RC531 Anxiety disorders : theory, research, and clinical perspectives   eBook
RC553 Adolescents with autism spectrum disorder a clinical handeBook   eBook
RC553 Psychopathology in adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders   eBook
RC569 Improving care to prevent suicide among people with serious mental illness : proceedings of a workshop Olson, Steve, 1956- rapporteur. eBook
RC570 Guide to intellectual disabilities a clinical handeBook   eBook
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RK60.5 Wilkins' clinical practice of the dental hygienist Boyd, Linda D. author. eBook
RK61 Dental care and oral health sourceeBookbasic consumer health information about caring for the mouth and teeth, including facts about dental hygiene and routine care guidelines, fluoride, sealants, cavities root canals, extractions, implants, veneers, dentures, and orthodontic and orofacial procedures ; along with information about periodontal (gum) disease, canker sores, dry mouth, temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ), oral cancer, and other conditions that impact oral health, suggestions for finding and financing care, a glossary of related terms, and directories of additional resources   eBook
RK61 The oral-systemic health connection a guide to patient care   eBook
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TL589.4 Introduction to unmanned aircraft systems   eBook
TL795.7 The case for space how the revolution in spaceflight opens up a future of limitless possibility Zubrin, Robert author. eBook
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TP248.65 What's so controversial about genetically modified food? Lang, John T., author. eBook
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TX392 Plant-based diets for succulence and sustainability   eBook
U163 Cyberwar and information warfare   eBook
U21.5 The politics of military families : state, work organizations, and the rise of the negotiation household   eBook
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U22.3 Performance under stress   eBook
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VM156 Power Prediction Modeling of Conventional High-Speed Craft Radojčić, Dejan, author. eBook
Z480 Literary publishing in the twenty-first century   eBook
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Z716.4 Libraries promoting reflective dialogue in a time of political polarization   eBook
ZA4230 Invisible search and online search engines : the ubiquity of search in everyday life Haider, Jutta author. eBook