Date: June 27, 2024
Location: Naro Expanded Cinema

Free screening courtesy of Old Dominion University Libraries.

In partnership with the Virginia Queer Film Festival.

The femme fatales are out for blood-soaked cash in our ‘Naro Minded’ Pride Month feature, Criterion’s new 4K restoration of BOUND (1996). The Wachowski Sisters’ tarted-up neo-noir debut is pure pulp with a gay twist that follows Violet (Jennifer Tilly), a cunning mob wife, and her new ex-con lover Corky (Gina Gershon) as they plot to snuff out Violet’s mafioso husband (Joe Pantaliano) and leave his employers a couple million dollars in the red. Controversial in its day for its steamy lesbian love scenes (choreographed by sex-positive feminist writer Susie Bright), BOUND is a gripping, stylish thriller with a nasty mean streak - especially for the boys.

‘Naro Minded’ Screening Series

Free public screenings of cult favorites and new releases presented by Naro Video @ ODU Libraries.