Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for the ODU Libraries' Annual Campus Theme Research Award for undergraduate research related to the 2023-24 Blue Connections Annual Campus Theme. The Libraries will be awarding prizes of $100, $50, and $25 of Monarch Plus points for works that incorporate source-based research and raise awareness of the relationship between humans and the earth’s waterways through a variety of disciplines - the arts and design, sciences, business, education, engineering, health, supply chain, and others.

We welcome submissions that rely on secondary source-based research (i.e., research that incorporates information from books, articles, news, interviews, archival material, etc.) in a wide variety of genres and formats, including traditional research papers, multimodal compositions, and artwork. Projects’ research will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Engagement with the Blue Connections theme and exploration of the relationship between human life and the earth’s oceans and waterways;
  • Description of the source-based research process (through citation or supplemental material);
  • Synthesis of information gathered; and
  • Appropriateness of included secondary sources to the purpose and goals of the work.

Submissions must include the researched work, and brief (200-word max) short-answer explanations of the research done, the impact of this research on the final project, and information evaluation strategies used. Students may submit their projects by clicking this link. Only submissions submitted via the form and including all supplementary information will be considered.

Submissions are due by midnight on Friday, May 3rd. Winners will be notified by May 22nd.

Please contact Travis Jones (tljones@odu.edu) with any questions.