The University Libraries are pleased to announce the availability of Green Humanities: A Journal of Ecological Thought in Literature, Philosophy & the Arts in ODU Digital Commons.

Green Humanities (ISSN 2377-9977) is an open-access, no-fee electronic journal established in 2015 to emphasize the importance and power of the humanities-- a book, a poem or a work of art, for example-- to influence public opinion and inspire engagement with ecological issues and causes. Green Humanities aims to place the humanities on the frontlines not only of cutting-edge eco-criticism, but also of the environmental debates that will shape and determine our very world. We envision varied collaborations and juxtapositions of scholarship within the humanities as well as environmental sciences and related fields, all with the overarching goal of coaxing our global society toward a more sustainable future.

The journal is co-edited by Peter Schulman of ODU's World Languages & Cultures Department and Josh Weinstein of Virginia Wesleyan University. The Call for Papers for Volume 4: "Eco-Justice: Impacts, Resistance and Remedies" is available.

Contact Karen Vaughan for more information or to discuss migrating your journal to Digital Commons.