TRIBES Unite is a student affinity group dedicated to promote community and sense of belonging for our Native American student population. TRIBES Unite members are from various tribes and those who want to learn about Native Peoples history, traditions, and culture.

Native American Student Demographics

Although Native Americans comprised just 2% of the total population in 2012, and .04% of the Fall 2013 Old Dominion University student population, the importance of their contribution is critical to building a culturally diverse university communityThe Office of Intercultural Relations (OIR) is committed to promoting a university culture that values and respects the unique identities and contributions of our members. Tribes Unite is an affinity group consisting of Native American students and those who are interested in the rich culture. These students, and OIR, have joined together to embrace and empower our Native American students, educate the community about tribal traditions and issues, and promote a vibrant and inclusive campus culture.