The ODU Human Performance Laboratory is located in the Student Recreation Center of Old Dominion University. It delivers fitness and health testing services to the community, including body composition tests, VO2 max tests, metabolic tests, and other clinical tests to determine health.

The lab is also used as a place to conduct research in the realms of exercise science, sport nutrition and wellness. Undergraduate and graduate students use the Human Performance Lab to develop knowledge and skills in exercise testing.

The lab was originally founded by the world-renowned researcher, Dr. Mel Williams, who conducted pioneering research into blood doping and dietary supplementation. The Human Performance Laboratory is dedicated to improving our understanding of the effects of exercise, nutrition, and ergogenic aids on health and human performance.

Lab Director

Associate Professor
Research Interests
Sport and exercise nutrition, exercise physiology, endurance competition, and public health as it relates to physical activity and nutrition.
Patrick B. Wilson, an associate professor in exercise science, earned a Ph.D. in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota… Read More