Coaching Education Concentration

The Coaching Education emphasis focuses on theories and practices that can be used to promote athletes' health, wellbeing, and performances at different levels. Most of our students in the master's program have either some playing or coaching/teaching experiences, sometimes both, which makes the class discussion resourceful and enjoyable. Research-based articles and relevant practices are commonly discussed in classes, and the students have the option to choose either conducting a thesis study or completing an internship as the culminating event. Our courses cover the following topics:

  • Learning and coaching theories
  • Planning and administrative aspects of sport programs
  • Motor learning and development
  • Psychological and motivational issues in sports
  • Performance assessment and evaluation in sports
  • Exercise physiology and ergogenic aids
  • Nutrition for health and sport performance

Program Admission and Contact

We have a rolling application. That is, students can apply at any time, and applications will be reviewed once they are complete. Students can start at fall, spring, and summer. GRE score requirement can be waived for those with quality undergraduate GPAs.

For more information about this program including admission, assistantship, curriculum, and requirements, please view the catalog page, or contact Justin Haegele, at or 757-683-5338.