Residence Hall Association

What We Do

The Residence Hall Association's (RHA) purpose is to be a visible and active organization that will enhance the university experience.

RHA is a voice for and of the students, and serves as an advocate for positive and effective change within the residential campus community.

RHA sponsors and leads open forums, supportive team-building programs, and promotes participation in the greater community with enthusiasm and pride.

RHA promotes resident student leadership development by serving as a supportive Executive Board for each residence hall's Community Council (CC).

Community Councils include:

  • Dominion & France House
  • Gresham & Foundation House
  • ODU Inn
  • Owens House
  • Powhatan
  • Rogers
  • Scotland & England House
  • University Village & Nusbaum
  • Virginia & Ireland House
  • Whitehurst Hall
Residence Hall Association logo at ODU

Why join the Residence Hall Association

  • Advocate for your community
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Communicate efficiently with others
  • Enhance teamwork skills
  • Achieve time management skills
  • Grow both professionally and personally
  • Coordinate meetings and community experiences for residents
  • Interact with other residents in your community
  • Improve time management skills

To hold a position in RHA, applications are accepted at the beginning of the academic year. If you are interested in joining RHA or a community council, please visit us on MonarchLink.

RHA 2018-19 Members

Our Past Initiatives & Programs

Prize Winner
  • Visitor Policy Adjustment of Hours
  • Virginia Beach Food Tour
  • RHA Sponsored Community Cookout
  • RHA Movie Night at Greenbrier
  • Campus Climate surveys
  • Bucket List Challenge
  • Town Hall Forums
  • HRL Late Night Breakfast
  • Uno Challenge
  • Color Me Mine