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Friday, February 18, 2022 Seminar Topic:

"MI Technical Solutions and the MITS-FISH-007" by Mr. Taylor Darling, Innovation Division Electrical Engineer at MI Technical Solutions


MI Technical Solutions, Inc. (MITS) is a global IT and engineering business that provides leading-edge solutions to government and private sector customers. The ODU/MITS Team currently possesses the only commercial submarine registered in the state of Virginia. The MITS-FISH-007 is a fully functional 15-foot wet fill submersible that can be used for a variety of underwater research, mapping, and inspection tasks. MITS-FISH-007 is all-electric and has the capability of supporting additional electric loads. The ODU/MITS team is currently refurbishing and updating the MITS-FISH-007. Upon completion of the project, the ODU/MITS Team will have proven the viability of UUV technology for remote operations supporting the Wind Turbine Farm and seafloor data acquisition.


Taylor Darling is from Toledo, Ohio. He joined the US Navy in 2013, and his military career finished in Norfolk, Virginia, where he currently lives. Taylor is an Old Dominion University Alumni. He completed his BSEE in Fall 2020 and MSEE in Fall 2021. Taylor is presently employed at MI Technical Solutions, where he focuses on RF link design and deployment to support the DoD. Taylor manages the MITS-FISH-007 project, a manned electric submersible converting to a UUV. The MITS-FISH-007 was also his Master's project while attending ODU.