With approval of the Provost, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Lamar Reams has been selected for Associate Dean for Professional Studies and Research, and Dr. Petros Katsioloudis has been selected for Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Community Engagement. A call for applicants to fill the two Associate Dean lines that have been interim was sent out earlier this summer. There was one applicant for each position. Both were highly qualified, having filled them previously as the interim Associate Deans.

Dr. Reams joined the ODU faculty in 2012 and is an Associate Professor of Sport Management in the Department of Human Movement Sciences. Since 2020, Reams has served as the Interim Associate Dean for Professional Studies and Research. In this role he worked collaboratively with the college's professional studies programs and supported research endeavors. Throughout the pandemic Reams provided leadership and partnered with university research offices to support the reinstatement of research on campus and beyond. He worked with Dr. Tony Perez and Dean Tammi Dice on establishing the DCEPS Summer Research Grant and organized Meetless Fridays, an initiative designed to provide faculty with designated research days and information to foster a culture of writing and collaboration. Serving as the lead of the DCEPS New Faculty Mentoring series, Reams supported the development of new faculty mentor-mentee relationships and provided vital resources and information to new faculty in the areas of research, teaching, and service. Fiscally, he provided leadership as chair of the DCEPS NPS Advisory Committee initiative and has worked with university officials to increase the college's financial support for graduate student tuition, waivers, and research. Reams also supported the work of the faculty to update the college's graduate certification policy and serves as a point-person for many of the college's new student recruitment and marketing events, including the recently developed, College Connections.

As the former Graduate Program Director for Sport Management, Dr. Reams successfully led the on-campus and online graduate programs. Utilizing grassroots marketing initiatives, he established new relationships with local and nationally recognized professional and non-profit sport organizations to support both the undergraduate and graduate sport management programs. As an active scholar, Reams has published research on sport consumer behavior, marketing, and sponsorship in the field's top journals. He is the co-author of several book chapters and has served as PI/CO-PI on several funded research grants. Reams serves on the Executive Board of the Sport Marketing Association, and has served as Co-Editor, Acquisitions Editor, and as an editorial board member for several journals. He received a Ph.D. in Sport Administration from the University of Northern Colorado (2012), M.S. in Sport Management from Northern Illinois University (2008), and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Tennessee (2002).

Dr. Katsioloudis joined the ODU faculty in 2008 and is a Professor with a focus on Industrial Technology in the STEM Education and Professional Studies Department. During this past year as Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Community Engagement, Katsioloudis provided Chairs with guidance on administrative tasks, including support through search processes and creation of a document highlighting key points to follow in completing evaluation letters to both clarify the processes and bring consistency across departments. He also co-led the new and tenure track faculty mentoring sessions throughout the year and met individually with faculty at various stages in their careers to provide guidance pertaining to a number of professional topics, including promotions, honors, research, leadership, and grants, to name a few. In addition to addressing faculty needs, he engaged in efforts for students. He managed the DCEPS endowed scholarships and facilitated the selection process across departments and at the college level. Specific to the college goals related to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, he has been instrumental in supporting the ALLIED Committee's efforts to develop a description for a Diversity Advocate to serve on search committees and a draft DCEPS diversity-focused strategic plan. He has also provided individualized support to underrepresented faculty, aligned with our mission to retain diverse faculty.

As a faculty member who earned tenure and moved through the academic ranks at ODU, Dr. Katsioloudis earned the respect and recognition of his colleagues as demonstrated through receipt of several professional awards.

He has established an extensive publication record, acted as PI/CoPI on significant external grants, demonstrated teaching excellence, served professional organizations, sat on various committees at all levels of the university, and assumed important leadership positions. Prior to serving as Interim Associate Dean, Katsioloudis served as Undergraduate Program Director for Industrial Technology, Graduate Program Director for Occupational and Technical Studies, and Chair of the Department of STEM Education and Professional Studies. He received an EdD in Technology Education from North Carolina State University (2007), and an MEd in Technology Education (2004) and BS in Industrial Technology (2003) from California University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Petros Katsioloudis and Dr. Lamar Reams join Dr. Maggie Barber, Associate Dean for Educator Preparation and Assessment. We are thrilled to have them join the Dean's Office in their new formal roles and contribute to advancing our mission and goals.