Associate Professor
Department of Marketing

Veronica L. Thomas

NORFOLK, 23529

Veronica L. Thomas is an Associate Professor at Old Dominion University. Her expertise is in the area of consumer psychology, and her research focuses on consumer-brand relationships. Her research appears in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and Marketing Letters, among other prestigious peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Thomas also serves as an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Advertising, and she sits on the review board of the Journal of Advertising and Psychology & Marketing. Dr. Thomas has received national media coverage for her expertise and research in outlets such as MarketWatch, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan. 

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

Thomas, V. "Wearing Your Success on Your Sleeve: How Salesperson Luxury Consumption Affects Consumers’ Perceptions " $3,000. Old Dominion University. January 2023 - December 2023
Thomas, V. "Would You Do Me a Favor? How Salesperson Favor Requests Positively Affect Consumers’ Perceptions of Negotiations " $3,000. Old Dominion University. January 2022 - December 2022


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Brick, D., Thomas, V. and Wight, K. (March , 2023). A Framework of Secret Consumption Poster Society for Consumer Psychology Puerto Rico.
  • 2023: Outstanding Junior Faculty Research Award, Strome College of Business