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Tina Gustin


Dr. Tina Gustin has over 35-years of advanced practice nursing experience. She received her undergraduate degree from the Medical College of Virginia, which is now Virginia Commonwealth University. She received her master’s degree as a Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist from the University of Virginia, and her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Old Dominion University. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University School of Nursing where she teaches in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. Dr. Gustin was most recently appointed as the Director of the school’s Center for Telehealth Innovation, Education, and Research (C-TIER). The center will serve as a telehealth learning hub and research center not only for the state but also the East Coast Region of the United States.
She is the clinical manager for the Pediatric Telehealth program at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk Virginia. Dr. Gustin has been responsible for the development of this new program and assuring clinical competence of the telehealth providers.
Dr. Gustin’s research has focused on interprofessional team-based care and how telehealth can be used as the instrument for connecting providers to providers and providers to patients. Dr. Gustin has an interest in the unique skill set necessary to conduct a successful telehealth encounter. She has developed one instrument designed to measure telehealth etiquette knowledge and another that measures team telehealth performance with a focus on communication and etiquette.
She has been the PI and Co-PI for several Health and Human Services Administration (HRSA) grants totally over 6 million dollars. These grants have aimed at reaching the rural and underserved though telehealth and interprofessional collaboration. Dr. Gustin has published and presented on both interprofessional team-based care and telelehealth both nationally and internationally.
She served on the American Nurses Association task force for technology and was most recently elected to the Center for Telehealth and eHealth (CTel) Advisory Board. She is currently the Co-Chair for CTel's Interprofesional Telehealth Education Task Force that is developing competencies and standards for training multiple professionals for telehealth delivery. She has been invited to several nursing and medical schools to assist in the development of a telehealth curriculum and to present her work

D.N.P. in Nursing Practice, Old Dominion University, (2011)

M.S.N. in Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, University of Virginia, (1987)

B.S.N. in Nursing, Virginia Commonwealth University, (1984)

STAR Telehealth Presenter and Educator Certification
Sponsoring Organization: STAR
Date Obtained: 2015-04-01
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sponsoring Organization: Virginia Board of Nursing
Date Obtained: 1987-05-01
Registered Nurse
Sponsoring Organization: Virginia Board of Nursing
Date Obtained: 1984-05-01

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

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Rutledge, C. M., Gustin, T. S.., Nesbitt, C. and Cartagena, D. "Strategies to Improve Health Outcomes and to Reduce Disparities in Rural Populations" $2,191,948. Federal. -
Gustin, T., Rutledge, C. M., Kott, K., Fowler, N., Poston, R. R. and Hoch, J. "APN-CPR: Optimizing APN Readiness to Address Rural and Undeserved Needs" $1,059,220. Federal. July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2019
Thibodeau, t., Ryal, J., Peglow, S., Collumb, E., Plunk, A. and Gustin, T. S. "Recovery Education Advancing Community Health (REACH)" $2,000,000. Federal. -
Martin, J., Temblay, B., Gustin, T. S. and Sharp, P. "Building Capacity and Bridging Education Gaps: A Social Determinants of Health and Food Insecurity Health Learning Hub" $10,000. Private. June 2018 - December 2018
Martin, J., Tremblay, B., Gustin, T. S., Bishop, P. and Karlowicz, K. A. "Building Capacity and Bridging Education Gaps: A Social Determinants of Health Food Insecurity Health Learning Hub" $10,000. Other. June 2018 - December 2018
Rutledge, C. M., Gustin, T., Poston, R. R., Wiles, L. and Gupta, A. "Advanced Nursing Education Program" $2,036,758. Federal. June 2015 - July 2018
Karlowicz, K. A., Fowler, N., Gupta, A., Kott, K. and Gustin, T. "Feasibility of using off the shelf smart watches to monitor biometrics in older adults residing in Assisted Living" $2,500. Old Dominion University. July 2017 - September 2017
Gustin, T. "Telehealth is More Than Technology: A Tool for Measuring Provider Performance" $7,000. Old Dominion University. June 2017 - August 2017


Interprofessional Education
Interprofessional Collaboration

Research Interests

Interprofessional education, telehealth, telehealth etiquette


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Book Chapters

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  • 2019: Gene W. Hirshfield Faculty Excellence Award 2019, College of Health Sciences
  • 2018: Outstanding Technology Teaching Award 2018, College of Health Sciences
  • 2017: 1st Place Poster Presentation, MATRC Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Research Center
  • 2017: Judges Award for Best Research Podium Presentation, SEARCH (Society for Education and the Advancement of Research in Connected Health
  • 2017: Honorable Mention Nurse Educator of the Year, Virginia Nurses Association
  • 2016: 2nd Place Poster Presenation, MATRC Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Research Center
  • 2015: Interprofessional Award for Innovative Educational Plan , College of Health Sciences
  • 2015: 2nd Place Poster Presenation, MATRC Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Research Center
  • 2007: Distinguished International Speaker Award, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health