Associate Professor
Communication & Theatre Arts

Theodore Gournelos

NORFOLK, 23529

Dr. Gournelos is a communication scholar and practitioner that works in multimedia and convergence platforms from a strategic and critical perspective. He teaches media, theory, writing, and production, as well as marketing, public relations, and intercultural communication. His consulting work through STORY | STRATEGY helps non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and startups design business strategy and strategic communications plans as well as effective messaging on the news, in digital media, and in public speaking. His media appearances and public talks (from morning shows to primetime news to TED Global) often relate to the role that media (especially digital and social media) impact our daily lives, but also touch on interpersonal relationships, popular culture, media and the law, and strategic communication like advertising.

Certified Digital Marketer
Sponsoring Organization: American Marketing Association
Date Obtained: 2022-01-10

Research Interests

Public Relations, Strategic Communication, and Community
Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing
Social Entrepreneurship
Visual Culture (aesthetics, television, film, animation)
Emergent Media (web 2.0, viral media, network models, digital storytelling)
Oppositional Culture (humor, culture jamming, irony, institutionalized opposition)
Critical Cultural Studies (gender and sexuality studies, race studies, class studies)