Assistant Professor
Department of Management

Sheila Keener

NORFOLK, 23529

Sheila K. Keener is an Assistant Professor of Management at Old Dominion University. She completed her Ph.D. in Business from Virginia Commonwealth University and has an M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Radford University. Her research focuses on human resources topics including compensation and selection. In addition, she studies a variety of issues related to testing and measurement. Her research has been published outlets such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, and the Journal of Organizational Behavior and presented at top Management and Industrial/Organizational Psychology conferences. Sheila also has consulting experience in the areas of job analysis, selection test development and validation, adverse impact, behavioral interviewing, employee satisfaction, performance management, and training evaluation.

Ph.D. in Business - Management, Virginia Commonwealth University, (2019)

M.S. in Psychology, Radford University, (2013)

B.A. in Psychology, Temple University, (2011)


Employee Selection, Employee Compensation
Research Methods
Meta-analysis, Publication Bias
Test Validation


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Book Chapters

Keener, S., Keeler, K. R.., Sheng, Z. and Koehler, T. (2023). Understanding the complexities of translating measures: A guide to improve scale translation quality SAGE Handbook of Survey Development and Application.
Bennett, A. A., Campion, E. and Keener, S. K. (2020). Anxiety and stress in the workplace State of the Region Report 2020 Dragas Center for Economic Analysis and Policy.

Conference Proceeding

Keener, S., Kepes, S. and McDaniel, M. A.. (2017). Sensitivity analysis on the relations between extrinsic rewards and intrinsic motivation Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.


McDaniel, M. A., Keener, S. and Kepes, S. (April , 2023). Toward the prediction of narcissistic behavior at work Poster Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Boston, MA.
  • 2021: Early Educator Institute, Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society