Assistant Professor
Department of Teaching & Learning

Seongryeong Yu

NORFOLK, 23529

Seongryeong Yu is an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood and Elementary Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Old Dominion University. She received her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, and dual-degree in Comparative and International Education from the Pennsylvania State University. Her research focuses on investigating the diverse language-literacy practices of young children in various cultural and geographic contexts, emphasizing their meaning-making, learning, and sense of belonging. Her work explores how children negotiate their fluid identities, are aware of their surrounding spaces/materials, and shape linguistic repertoires through their literacy practices, contributing crucial insights to building an inclusive classroom environment.

Research Interests

Early Childhood and Elementary Education
Action Research


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Book Chapters

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  • 2023: Ethnicity, Race and Multilingualism Award, Literacy Research Association (LRA)
  • 2023: Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award , The Pennsylvania State University. The Graduate School and the Office of the Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • 2023: Michael Salwen Scholarship , Korean-American Educational Researchers Association (KAERA)