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Roya Ardalan

Roya Ardalan

Information Technology & Decision Sciences

Contact Information


Email: rardalan@odu.edu

Phone: 757-683-5959


  • Articles

    Ardalan, A., Ardalan, R. K., and Rhiel, G. S. (2022). Abrupt Conversion of Face to Face Courses to Online. Journal of Business Disciplines
    Ardalan, A., Ardalan, R. K., Rao, S., and Alexander, K. (2019). A System Architecure for Ensuring Anonymity of Student Survey Responses. International Journal of Information and Learning Technology, 36 (1), pp. 52-65.
    Ardalan, R. K. (2016). Improving Earnings and Dividends Forecasts Using Cointegration Analysis. International Journal of Business, Accounting, and Finance, 10 (1), pp. 43-53.
    Ardalan, A., and Ardalan, R. K. (2009). A Data Structure for Supply Chain Management Systems. Industrial Management and Data Systems, 109 (1), pp. 138-150.
    Ardalan, A., Ardalan, R. K., and Coppage, S. F. (2009). Requirements Analysis and Implementation: Converting a Student Survey of Faculty Teaching System from Paper-based to Web-based. Journal of Cases in Information Technology, 11 (2), pp. 1-11.
    Ardalan, R. K. (2008). Eurobond Issue and Firm Value. Journal of Business and Economic Research, 9 (11), pp. 63 - 70.
    Coppage, S. F., Ardalan, R. K., Ardalan, A., and Crouch, W. (2007). A comparison of student feedback obtained through paper-based and web-based surveys of faculty teaching. British Journal of Educational Technology, 38 (6), pp. 1085-1101.
  • Conference Proceeding

    Crouch, W., Ardalan, R. K., Coppage, S. F., and Ardalan, A. (2005). Teaching Assessment and Administration.. European Applied Business Research Conference.
    Ardalan, A., and Ardalan, R. K. (2002). An Information Systems Tool for Managing Hospital Operating Rooms.. International Conference on the Hospital of the Future.
    Ardalan, A., and Ardalan, R. K. (2001). Development of Data Structures/File Organization Methods For Managing Resources,.. Decision Sciences Institute.
  • Presentations

    , A. (June, 2013). An information systems architecture for a modified JIT system Oral Presentation presented at 52nd International conference Business and Economics, June 2013 Paris, France.
    Coppage, S. F., Ardalan, A., and Ardalan, R. K. (October, 2007). International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines presented at International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines New Orleans.
  • 2018: Outstanding Faculty Advisor, Strome College of Business